Saturday, October 5, 2013

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers Wants You...

... to talk about what you want! Oh a topic after my own heart! Here's the topic in all it's glory:

When you hit up the toy store, thrift store, flea market, or comic shop, what are some of the things you’re actively hunting?   

Well dear reader, click below and find out what I'm currently coveting with my black heart full of toys and dolls with colorful hair. So much colorful hair...

First thing I'm actively hunting are those blasted vintage Monster Cereal boxes at Target. I am utterly appalled that the Target stores in my area still refuse to set them out. I know they are in the back because one of the lovely employees went to the back to find some for me. I know this makes me out to be an uppity snobby bee with an itch, but it wasn't like that. Being a girl has its perks. All I needed was a smile, some mascara, and good hair and the Target guy was totally fine with finding some vintage Monster Cereals in the storage area. I had requested a Fruit Brute and Frankenberry, but all he could find was Count Chocula, Yummy Mummy and the Frankenberry. (I turned the Frankenberry down because the box was dented. Yes, I know exactly how that sounds.) Anyways, I keep holding out that I will see them soon. All of them.

So what's next, what other things am I hunting? Well, I am on the hunt for the latest Jean Grey Marvel Legends release. I'm a sucker for early 90's X-Men and as much as I love the whole Phoenix look, I love Jean Grey in her yellow and blue body suit with big red hair. I love big hair.

I also am on the hunt for a Kim Arashikage from the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie. I know the toy line has faded from most stores, but it's Jinx in a bright yellow suit. How cool is that? Actually, not that cool because she is going to be even more rare than a new Emma Frost. Which, incidentally, I am also hunting for.

That's about it for new things. There are some vintage items I am also hunting. Ever since my post about knock-offs and Golden Girl, I have secretly been purchasing Golden Girl action dolls on eBay. I only have three so far, and I am very picky when I get them because I refuse to spend a large amount of money on them. So yeah, I am kind of on the hunt for more Golden Girl. I have certainly been bitten by the Golden Girl bug. In fact, there will be some Golden Girl posts coming up really soon. I actually am enjoying them and wish I had collected them when I was younger. Nothing compares to She-Ra of course, but I do like the idea of Golden Girl and She-Ra sharing the same universe.

Anyways, I suppose the next thing I would be hunting for are various books, essentially some Fear Street, Christopher Pike, Sweet Valley High, and L.J. Smith's Night World series. I wish I could say I was busy reading all the great literary classics as a young teen, but let's be real, my heart was consumed with the thrills and chills of Fear Street.

So that's about it for what I am hunting. Let's see what other League members are wanting to add to their collections.

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If you're lost and confused about what is going on, just head over to Cool and Collected to learn more about the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. If you'd also like to join, go ahead! It is a really fun experience. Also, click here to check up on any more posts on this week's topic. Take care everyone, enjoy the rest of the weekend and get ready; next week is going to be awesome!   


  1. The Golden Girl figures are awesome. My little girl and I picked up Moth Woman and Ruby at a toy show during the summer. They are great figures.

    1. They really are LeAnn! I am quite impressed with them. Aside from the loose Golden Girl I had a few years ago, everything I knew of them was memories from my childhood and pictures on the internet, so to see them in person is quite a treat. I am really glad to be picking these up! I hope you are doing well! Everytime I am in the Monster High aisle I think of you!

  2. I haven't looked for the monster cereals yet. Are you planning on saving the vintage boxes? (I'm guessing that's why you turned down the dented box) And if so, are you planning on collecting the new style boxes too?
    -also, I would love to see you with "big hair". Have you ever done the big hair Fran Drescher thing?

    1. Well they finally turned up at one of the Targets by my house. I picked up the remaining three and got a free Monster Mash recipe book thing. I am planning on saving the boxes (they will be empty.) I've never really saved cereal boxes before, but I also haven't seen vintage Monster cereal boxes in stores. This obsession for owning things has also spilled over to the new ones too. It's so funny, because I don't think I'd be geeking out this much had thye not re-released Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy.

      And I have done the whole big hair thing. I'm a Texan girl. I don't usually do the big hair thing, but my hair is very flat, so sometimes it needs volume. lol

  3. To each their own, just enjoy what you enjoy! I almost gave up at Target, but I found the cereal in the WAY back of the Halloween display area. Don't give up! Check local markets, too. Even though they don't have the retro boxes, the cereal inside still tastes the same.

    1. Hey Caffeinated Joe! I ended up finding them at one of my Targets! lol I did not give up. lol I have been checking local markets too because I have somehow been wanting the vintage and the new ones. I kinda feel awful about it, because I have never tried to collect them before, I've always just enjoyed the cereal and that's that, but for some reason this year just feels different! lol I hope you are doing well!

  4. Nice list Miss M. for Jean you will have to hunt given how popular she is for odds are if you don't see her on shelves yet she has not been out or wound up going fast the moment she got put up including her phoenix varients. and those golden girls dolls heard about them but never have ever seen any one who had them. as for the books on your list used book stores and antique stores book section may be a good idea to try and find them . for loved the christopher pike books. incluiding the one known as chain letter.

    1. Hey demoncat! I think I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and buy Jean on eBay. Sometimes I love ebay because there are all kinds of deals to be had, but sometimes I just don't like shelling out so much money on something that I 'might' find in stores. But at this point I am leaning more towards the eBay route.

      And get ready, because I will be showing some stuff on the Golden Girl toys real soon.

      I'm also really glad that you loved Christopher Pike books too! I think I read the Chain Letter, or it was the sequel. Either way, I remember the covers! So much fun. Hope you are doing well!

  5. the sequel was called chain letter two and if i recall its where all the characters from the first one wind up getting stuck in their own final destination . and online even ebay may be your best bet to get jean for other wise you will have to keep hunting and hope you time right and finaly fine her on shelves given how popular she is .

    1. Yeah I think I read the sequel, which I should not have done. I should have picked up the first one first. I am more than likely getting a Jean on ebay. Of course once that happens, watch me find a bunch in stores. lol