Thursday, October 31, 2013

Miss M presents: April O'Neil's Halloween Party of the Year!

Dear Diary,

Halloween is here. We've all been counting down and here it is. I can't believe it Diary. April is throwing a huge Halloween party at the office. This is the biggest party of the year. So huge in fact that there will also be a wedding! I'm just thrilled. Actually, I feel slightly bad. I tried playing matchmaker with Franken Berry and Elsa from the Bride of Frankenstein, but their love is so syrupy sweet that it is not safe for breakfast. I plotted with the Riddler to get them hitched so that they can face a world of boring matrimony and the world can go back to normal. I'm not a bad person, am I Diary? Sure I have my motives, but I'm just trying to bring order back to the world again. Oh well, I'm off. I've got to get dressed for the party. I can only hope that April is doing all right with getting things set up...

Miss M

Miss M Presents:
April O'Neils Halloween Party of the Year!

April: (hurrying to get things ready for the party) Guy Friday! Guy Friday! Where the hell are you? What am I even paying you for?
April: Come on Guy Friday! I'm waiting! I've got to hurry and get into my costume.

Guy Friday: I'm so sorry April, I was making sure the catering company knew where to set up.
April: Oh, that's wonderful. And let's see, your costume is?
Guy Friday: Christian Slater from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. His character was named Will...
April: I don't care. It looks good. Those gladiator boots are nice. I need to get some at some point. Anyways, we are real close to the party. I need to make a phone call and then I'm changing. Make sure the catering company isn't screwing things up. I'll be out there in a sec.

April: Well, what are you waiting for?

Guy Friday: N-n-nothing boss. I just wanted to also let you know that Casey Jones called to say he might not be arriving to the party after all.
April: Perfect. I knew he wouldn't follow through. All right, get going, I need to get on the phone.

April: Men. All the bedazzled black roses and candy in the world won't change the fact that my ex-husband is an ass hat. 

With her high tech BlueTooth in check, April makes a quick phone call.

Miss M: Hello?
April: Why aren't you here?
Miss M: I'm getting ready, and you are on speaker phone so be careful what you say. You know my dog gets anxious when you yell.
April: Little Luke won't have a thing to worry about if you can get here in five.

Miss M: April, I'm trying to get ready. I've got the perfect costume on loan, and it might take me five just to get in it.
April: Squeeze into some Spanx and call it a damn day. I need you! You are my best friend.
Miss M: I love how I'm your best friend whenever you need me for something.

April: Oh be quiet. You know what you mean to me. Now get dressed and over here you pain in the ass.
Miss M: (laughs) I'll be there as quick as I can. Bye!

Miss M hangs up.

April: Ok, M will be here soon. Now I just need to get ready and soon it'll be showtime.

Meanwhile in an undisclosed location, evil plots...

Velvet Sky: So are you sure you don't want to attend this party?
Hordak: (snorts) Of course not. I'm going to be the diversion that leads the muscle away from the party so you can do what you need to do.

Velvet Sky: Yes, but I will need a distraction of my own. I don't want to be recognized.
Hordak: I'm sure you will figure it out. Just make sure you have the perfect costume.
Velvet Sky: I think I've got it. 

Hordak: Where are you going?
Velvet Sky: To find Wario and see if he has any mini-mushrooms. They'll never recognize me...

Time keeps ticking and soon it is nearly time for the party to start!

April: Great. Everything is looking great.

April: I'm just really impressed with how things turned out.

April: Keep stirring those frozen treats Thing! The guests will be arriving soon and they will all be hungry.

April: Guy Friday! Guy Friday! 

Guy Friday: Yes boss?
April: It's time. Let's open the doors and get the orange and black carpet ready. This party is ready to begin!
Guy Friday: Have you changed into your costume yet boss?
April: (rolls her eyes) Yes. I'm going as vintage me. If that Megan Fox girl arrives, I want to be able to show her how to play me in that movie.
Guy Friday: As you wish boss.

With the doors open, guests pour in ready to party.

Friends catch up and admire each others costumes.

Smurfette: These are just perfect costumes! Dracula, I didn't realize you were a Smurf!
Dracula: I'm not. I've just been dead for a few thousand years. Ha. Ha. Ha.
Influence: Do you happen to know Count Chocula?
Dracula: Ha. Ha. Ha. No.

Link: Geez, I always feel uncomfortable at these things.
Zelda: Well I feel just fine. We never get to go out and do things anymore.
Link: I just feel like people are judging me on my height. 
Zelda: Really Link? There's a Lego Mini-Person right over there and we're talking to a skeleton. Get over it and enjoy the night!

Pee Wee: Eh eh. I'm looking right at you and I'm not turning to stone.
Medusa: I'm not the real Medusa, this is a costume. You are such a dork.
Pee Wee: I know you are but what am I?
Medusa: Sigh. I need a drink.

Velvet Sky: (whispers to herself in her disguise) All right, I'm in. Now where is Miss M?

Dana: Do you know if this punch was made with tap water?
Strawberry Shortcake: No, but don't eat the popcorn. I think it might actually be brains.

April: Come on M, where are you?

April hears someone right behind her, she turns hoping to see her friend.

Casey Jones: Boo. Happy Halloween April.
April: Oh great. You decided to come after all.

Casey Jones: Yeah. I know how hard you've worked on this, I wasn't going to miss it.
April: Humph. And what are you supposed to be?
Casey Jones: I'm Jason Vorhees.
April: That is so lame. Just because you own a hockey mask does not mean you have a legit Jason Vorhees costume. It's not even the same mask.

Casey Jones: Since when did you become so movie accurate? It's Halloween. At least I dressed up.
April: I don't understand why no one can get this, I'm going as vintage me. 
Casey Jones: It's pretty lame.
April: Yeah, well you're lame.
Casey Jones: I'm tired of this fighting, I'm gonna get something to snack on.
April: Fine, you go do that!

Casey Jones walks away as April is approached by someone even more annoying.

April: I don't remember inviting you.
Janine: It's nice to see you too April! Don't worry, you aren't settling into dementia. Miss M invited me. She's my friend too.
April: Oh. I do love that she is friends with a bothersome relic from a bygone era like you.
Janine: Careful April, you're showing your bygone era too.

April: So what are you supposed to be? A desperate extra from Deep Star Six?
Janine: No, but I must admit, that does sound pretty good.
April: Whatever, just remember, Miss M was my friend first. And my show was better than yours.

Janine: Always with the comparisons. Fine April, you win. You starred in the better show. Let me share something with you though, none of that matters. In the end, we're both old and bitter. If I see Megan Fox I'll be sure to tell her you said hi.
April: Oh you are just giving me a reason to kick your sorry lil, wait, sorry wide behind out of here.

Janine: Whatever.
April: Yeah. Go find your koo-koo friend Dana, or whatever personality she's possessed by this time.

As the two 80's divas call a ceasefire, all heads turn as Michelangelo arrive with Miss M!

Miss M: Wow, this place is really jumpin, jumpin.
Michelangelo: Are you quoting Destiny's Child?
Miss M: That's a really good song.
Michelangelo: You are such a dorkette. But that's why you're my date. May I just say, you are smokin tonight M.
Miss M: You may!

April: Finally! You two took forever! Is that Wonder Woman's costume?
Miss M: Yes! She wanted to dress up as someone low key and boring, so I let her borrow one of my dresses and she let me borrow her super hero outfit for one night! 
April: You look oddly nice in it.
Miss M: I don't know, this outfit certainly looks different when it is on her. Hold on guys, I see Adora.

Miss M walks away as Michelangelo and April talk.

April: Where are the other Turtles?
Michelangelo: They're on their way. Hey April, who are you supposed to be?
April: Shut up Mikey. I'm me, circa 1988.
Michelangelo: Oh. Ok.

Miss M: Hey Adora! I'm so glad you made it!
Adora: Oh me too. 
Miss M: Where is your costume?
Adora: I'm actually She-Ra right now, dressed as Adora.

Miss M: Wow. That all made my head hurt.
Adora: So what's the deal with this party?
Miss M: Oh not much. April throws a big shindig every year for Halloween and this year is extra special because I'm hosting a wedding too for Halloween!
Adora: I would love to be here for that, but I actually must be leaving.
Miss M: Oh no! You just got here!

Adora: I know, and I would love to stay, but I just got word that Hordak is causing some problems in the Whispering Woods.
Miss M: When is he not causing problems?
Adora: I know right? Well, have fun tonight M. We'll catch up later.
Miss M: Sounds like a plan!

Across the party, April and Michelangelo are in mid conversation.

April: That damn Mummy and his loose arm. Anyways, what was I saying?
Michelangelo: You were complaining about this Franken Berry wedding.
April: Yes! Exactly! I loathe this whole wedding nonsense. It boggles my mind. Everyone freaks out about prostitution, but what people fail to realize is that prostitution has been legal for years. It's called marriage.
Michelangelo: Why are you so unhappy?
April: No comment.

Soon the rest of the Ninja Turtles show up.

Michelangelo: All right dudes! Gnarly costumes!
Miss M: Yeah, you guys look great.

Miss M: Raph, who are you going as?

Raphael: I'm George Clooney from Gravity. Ha. Where's the food?
Miss M: The snack table is behind you.
Raphael: That's where I'll be.

Miss M: Leonardo, why aren't you dressed in a costume?
Leonardo: I'm dressed as myself. It's the easiest costume.
Miss M: But you could have been anyone.
Leonardo: Sorry M. As leader of the Turtles I need to be dressed and prepared for anything at anytime. I take my job seriously and there is no time for fun.
Miss M: That sounds so depressing. What about you Donatello?

Donatello: I wanted to bring it back in time. I'm a samurai.
Miss M: Well that seems fun. Although, that costume looks heavy.
Donatello: Yeah, pretty much M. I wasn't able to calibrate the suit correctly to my molecular weight. I can't move much. Could someone maybe get me some spooky queso and a beverage?

Miss M: We'll go get you some. Come on April.
April: They are groan turtles, they can get their own food.
Miss M: Why are you being so grody tonight? It's a Halloween party! Have some fun, loosen up.
April: That's easier said than done. I just haven't been feeling like myself lately. (pauses as some new guests walk in.) Oh crap. I can't believe they just walked in.

Miss M: What's wrong with the McNugget Buddies?
April: Nothing I guess, unless you like talking to people that keep moaning about how they are tired of being treated like pieces of meat. How bout you stop wearing that trampy witch costume, and maybe then no one will treat you like a piece of meat.
Miss M: Ok, come on, we need to talk somewhere.

Miss M: Ok dish. What is going on with you? 
April: I'm surfing the crimson wave, all right?
Miss M: Don't do that. Don't make that excuse. 
April: I'm just annoyed. Casey is here and I wish he wasn't. 
Miss M: I thought you were fine hooking up with your ex husband?
April: I am, I just don't want to have to socialize with him, is that too much to ask?
Miss M: Oh April, when did life get so complicated?
April: I know.

Miss M: Well listen, the party is still fabulous. And I know a way we could make it more fabulous.
April: Oh really?
Miss M: (points to the sign above her head) We could always say his name three times and really get the party started.
April: No. You know what happened the last time he popped up. And we're not even serving shrimp cocktail.
Miss M: Ok.
April: Listen M, you can be a runt, but you are my friend. I love you. Thanks for helping me out. I think I'm going to go change though, I'm not really feeling this look.
Miss M: Sounds good. See ya in a bit.

April walks away to change while Miss M visits her Ninja Turtle boyfriend.

Michelangelo: Everything ok?
Miss M: Yeah. I think so. April's just going through some stuff. Love hurts, ya know?
Michelangelo: Not our love. Have I told you how smokin gorgeous you look tonight babe?
Miss M: (smiles) You may have said it once or twice, but I can totally hear it again! You look really dreamy by the by.
Michelangelo: Thanks dorkette. I'm gonna get some snacks, want somethin?
Miss M: Sure. I'm just gonna wait here. Franken Berry and Elsa should be arriving soon...

Meanwhile in another section of the office, April tries to figure out what she is going to change into.

April: Let's see. I could wear my Bride of Frankenstein getup, but I don't want to upstage the bride...

As April goes through her choices, she hears a strange noise.

April: Hello? Is someone there? 

April pauses and tries to listen some more.

April: Casey, if that is you I am not having a quickie in my office. In fact, I don't think we need to be seeing each other anymore. It's just too much. Casey? Crap. No one is even there. You're just bitching to yourself April.

In a few moments, April changes costumes.

April: Perfect. I'm going as a bad ass computer programmer with bitchin skills.

Suddenly April hears some more noises and soon finds herself in the company of another.

April: Now how sweet is this. Listen little girl, or little boy- I'm not judging- this is a grown up party. I think you need to run along and find your parents. Go trick r treating. 

Velvet Sky stares behind the mask eerily. Her breathing is slow and steady, which unnerves April.

April: Listen kid, I don't know how you got in here, but this is an area for grown folk. Now run along. You hear me? Scram!

April tries to get the pink ranger out of the office, but is soon knocked out cold.

Velvet Sky can only look on at her work, before she leaves the party quietly. Stealing a car, Velvet Sky rushes off to finish her work.

As April is motionless in her office, the party continues to go on.

Smurfette: I just keep waiting to see Franken Berry. I heard this will be the wedding of the century!
Donatello: Man, the food here is really good. 
Leonardo: Yeah, but why are we here again? We could be patrolling the streets, making sure the city is safe.
Donatello: Aw come on Leonardo. Where is your sense of fun?
Leonardo: On the streets, making sure people are safe.
Donatello: Sigh.

Strawberry Shortcake: Hmm, Beetlejuice. What kind of name is Beetlejuice? I've never even heard of this Beetle- (she pauses as the guests of honor enter the room) Oh wow! They are here!

Franken Berry and Elsa officially arrive to the party as the crowd slows their chatter.

Everyone is pausing to stare and admire the happy couple. 

Miss M: Finally! They are here!

Franken Berry: My berry sweet blushing bride-to-be! You have never looked more radiant!
Elsa: And you, my sweet treat in the morning, noon, and night, I am so happy to be basking in your strawberry scented glow! I am so excited to soon be married to you! My life will be complete!

Miss M: Goodness, get a room. Right?
Michelangelo: It's kinda tubular. Love is a gnarly thing.
Miss M: Yeah. Right. Well until marriage that is. Where is the Riddler? We need to get these two love birds hitched!

Michelangelo: Why are you rushing this? This is a special night.
Miss M: I'm not rushing anything! (whispers to herself) I just want them to stop annoying me with their love.

Casey Jones: Hey, have you seen April anywhere? 
Miss M: No, not really. The last time I saw her, she was going to change.
Casey Jones: Hm. I hope she shows up soon.
Miss M: I'm sure she will. Now if you'll excuse me, the Riddler is here.

The Riddler: All you need is love! And the love of these two creepy people will make this a night to remember! Are you all ready for the wedding of the night! I'm not obligated to mention wedding of the year, as the year is almost over and even more exciting weddings could happen.

Miss M: Wow! So you are all here!
The Riddler: (heavily winks at Miss M) That we are! And since my payment has been received, we should start this wedding! (heavily winks again.)
Miss M: (whispers loudly) Stop winking at me!
The Riddler: (winks again) Sure thing dork girl!

Franken Berry: Miss M, I just wanted to thank you for setting this up. I've never been happier. This marriage is going to change my life.
Miss M: (feeling slightly guilty) Oh, um, no problem. I just want to make sure that love prevails. Ya know.
Franken Berry: You are really the best Miss M. 
Miss M: Yeah. I'm really the best. (feels even worse)

Soon April arrives, beyond agitated.

April: Where the hell is that little twerp?
Miss M: April, are you ok?
April: No I'm not ok. Some damn kid dressed as the pink Power Ranger clubbed me over the head with one of my Halloween decorations. Shit hurt! 
Janine: That sounds awful.
Michelangelo: Do you want us to check to see if the kid is still here?
April: No. Let's get on with this wedding. But if you see that little shit, let me know! I'm gonna chew her parents out.

The party settles down as the wedding prepares to begin. 

April: What is this? Is this what my life has come to?

Franken Berry and Elsa both make their way to the Riddler.

The Riddler: Ladies and gentleman, please turn off your phones and no live tweeting of this ceremony. We have gathered here to enjoy this lovely party for Halloween. But we are also here to witness the strange union of a breakfast cereal mascot and a monster woman with skunk hair.

Strawberry Shortcake: So like, I should have taken M up on the offer to date Franken Berry. He looks pretty handsome up there.
Orange Blossom: But could it have really worked Shortcake?
Strawberry Shortcake: I guess we'll never know.

Miss M: Psst. April. April!
April: (whispers) What is it? We are in the middle of a wedding.
Miss M: (whispers) I think I set this wedding up for ulterior motives. And I feel bad.
April: (whispers) Oh give me a break. Enough with the dork girl problems.
Miss M: Sigh.

The Riddler: Riddle me this: Do you take this woman to be your wife?

Franken Berry: Yes, yes I do. These last few weeks have been the brightest of my life. Elsa, you complete me. I never thought I could ever find someone to love so much. Our plans for the future are going to take us to the greatest places. When we release the disco musical remake of the Bride of Frankenstein, it is going to be amazing. I am going to love you forever, even after all the cereal in the world has grown stale. My heart will never be.
The Riddler: Sounds riveting. Now Elsa, do you take Franken Berry to be your husband?

Elsa: Yeah. Umm. I've really enjoyed... (begins hissing)

Her hissing grows as the crowd begins to worry.

Elsa: I can't do this! I thought I could, but I can't! I'm not the marrying kind. I'm just not. Franken Berry, you are truly a man of such sweetness, but I can't marry you. I don't want to be a bride! I only play one in the movies.

Miss M: Oh my. I didn't do this, did I? 

Franken Berry: Elsa? Is this a joke?
Elsa: My sweet Franken Berry. This is not a joke. I have enjoyed this time with you, but I am just meant to be alone. I'd only end up breaking your heart anyway. Take care. I'll forever remember the time we spent together.

Franken Berry: Elsa! Wait, will you remember me fondly? Wait! Don't go! I can make you breakfast in bed! Don't go!

Franken Berry: Oh Miss M. How did this happen? I'm so unlucky in love.
Miss M: Oh Franken Berry! I'm terribly sorry.
Franken Berry: No, it's ok M. To be honest, it probably would not have worked out in the long run. She did hiss quite a lot. And she was really tall. I wasn't good enough for her.
Miss M: Don't say that. You are a wonderful person. 

The Riddler: As lovely as this creepshow is, I'm still on the clock. So dork girl, unless you plan on marrying the pink berry ragamuffin, I will be on my way.
Michelangelo: M's not marrying Franken Berry!
The Riddler: Fine. I guess I will be on my way then. This must be the easiest way I have ever made money! Maybe a life of crime isn't the way to go...

The Riddler prepares to walk away until a person shouts out from the crowd.

Casey Jones: Wait! Don't leave.
Michelangelo: Whoa.
Casey Jones: Damn it April. Marry me.
April: What?
Michelangelo & Miss M: (in unison) Whoa. 

Casey Jones: Let's stop this April. Let's end the snark and all the drama. I love you. I always have. Divorce is not it for us. Let's change our fate. Marry me. Again. Tonight.

Miss M: Oh. My. Goodness.
Franken Berry: This is actually quite romantic.
The Riddler: Guess I might still be working tonight after all.

April: What are you doing?
Casey Jones: I'm doing what's right. We never should have gotten divorced. We were both impetuous. You know that we love each other. Stop fighting it. I don't want to do this anymore.
April: (her lip trembles) I don't want to either. I love you too.

The room erupts in cheers as Casey and April prepare to marry. For the second time.  

The Riddler: All right. Here we are. Since you two have been down this road before, I'll just let you two take over.
Miss M: Why did I even pay you for tonight?
The Riddler: Quiet dork girl.

Casey Jones: April, we're older now and wiser. I know I made some mistakes. I didn't stand by your career choices and I was wrong for that. I've always been proud of you and admired you for your tenacity. You are the most stunning woman I have ever met. This time there is no stopping us. Our love will prevail against all odds.

April: I can't believe this is happening right now. Am I really going to marry you a second time? 
Casey Jones: I hope so.
April: I know I can be a bit... difficult. I'm old. Fabulous, but I'm old. We've been around for a long time now and we've seen our shares of ups and downs. But I love you Casey. We fight loud but we love loud too. I'm tired of the secret hook ups. We may have never needed to divorce, but we did, and here we are again. I'm ready. I'm ready to jump back on this wild ride of love with you. 

The complicated lovebirds seal it with a kiss.

And the crowd goes wild.

The Riddler: I should ask for extra payment, but what the hell, I'm a sucker for love. I present to you all: Casey Jones and April O'Neil, a love so nice they had to marry twice! 

The Riddler: Stay crazy you kids!

April: Did we really just do this? Again?
Casey Jones: I think we did.

The party continues as everyone has more reason to celebrate.

Strawberry Shortcake: Hey Franken Berry. You doin ok?
Franken Berry: I think so. 
Strawberry Shortcake: Well, if you need a friend, I'm here for you.
Franken Berry: That's really nice. Thank you. Wait a minute, do you smell like strawberries?
Strawberry Shortcake: Yes. It's my favorite fruit and scent.
Franken Berry: Mine too! Do you like breakfast?
Strawberry Shortcake: Yes. Do you like dessert?
Franken Berry: Of course. It's why I like my cereal to be sweet.

New love grows.

The Riddler: That's a wrap on my end dork girl.
Miss M: Thank you. I know this is not what we had discussed, but I think it turned out for the best in the end.
The Riddler: No difference to me. I've got my money. I'm off though. I need to leave a riddle for the Bat before I commit my next crime.
Miss M: I thought you were going to give that life up?
The Riddler: Never! It's ride or die!

The Riddler escapes the scene.

Michelangelo: Wow. What a night.
Miss M: I know. Who knew Halloween could be so exhausting?
Michelangelo: Totally. (looks towards Casey and April) At least they found their way back to each other.
Miss M: Wanna get out of here? I'm kinda tired and I've got all kinds of candy at my house and some horror movies on the DVR.
Michelangelo: Cowabunga! Let's go!

Michelangelo and Miss M leave. 

April: I feel like a new person. Why did it take us so long to get back together like this?
Casey Jones: We're both stubborn.
April: Speak for yourself, I'm fabuous.
Casey Jones: Ha. Just kiss me.

Across town, Michelangelo and Miss M walk into her living room...

Miss M: I really had a great time tonight. I think this is the best Halloween of my life.
Michelangelo: Mine too. I have had so much fun. How much longer do you have this Wonder Woman outfit for?
Miss M: You are so bad. I have to give it back soon. Wonder Woman will need it for saving the world soon. 

Michelangelo: You know, you are the most bodacious babe I've ever met. I love you M.
Miss M: I love you too Michelangelo. 
Michelangelo: This is so cool. I've never been in a relationship like this before.
Miss M: I so agree! Who knew true love would come from a sewer? Ready for some horror movies?
Michelangelo: Totally.

The happy couple head to the couch to enjoy some television and candy, when Miss M notices a horrific sight in her living room. She lets out a blood curdling scream...

Miss M: Luke! Oh no! Luke!
Michelangelo: What happened to your dog!
Miss M: Oh no! Oh no! He's dead! My dog is dead!

Michelangelo: Careful, M. 
Miss M: Michelangelo! Who would do something like this?! Someone killed my dog! Oh no. (begins crying) How did this happen?

Michelangelo: Maybe we should get out of the house. Whoever did this could still be in here. We need to call the police.
Miss M: I can't feel my legs. Michelangelo, why would someone do this?

Miss M: My sweet little dog. He's gone. Oh Michelangelo, I can't handle this. My heart is just breaking!

Sadness and fear grip our lovely heroine.

As Michelangelo and M try to make sense of the horrific end to a lovely night, April O'Neil's party still continues...

Casey Jones: So you said someone hit you over the head?
April: Yes. Some punk kid dressed as a pink Power Ranger. It just makes no sense! Who would do something like that?
Casey Jones: I don't know. I'm just glad you are ok.

Janine: (interrupts the couple) Sorry, I don't mean to break in, I just wanted to wish you happiness. I truly mean that.
April: Thank you.
Janine: Yeah. I know we tend to be catty towards one another, but for the sake of starting over, maybe we can turn over a new leaf too?
April: (smiles) I like that.
Janine: Great. Well April, you throw one amazing party. I'm turning in though for the night. Congratulations you two.

Casey and April say goodbye as Janine leaves the party. She heads to her car in a dark parking lot.

Janine: Well that's odd. I don't remember parking my car here. If I didn't know any better, I'd say someone moved my car...

Janine prepares to get in the car, but she realizes that her car has been hot wired.

Janine: Someone stole my car!

Suddenly, Janine realizes she is not alone.

Janine: Excuse me! You shouldn't sneak up on people like that.

Velvet Sky stares at Janine blankly through the mask, as something dawns on Janine.

Janine: Wait a minute! You're the one that attacked April at the party! Oh tricks are not for kids. I'm going to get help.

Janine walks away, but Velvet Sky is in her path.

Janine: (screams) Help! Out here in the parking lot! Some little kid in a pink Power Ranger costume is freaking me out! Help!

Janine grunts out in pain as she is kicked in the back. Falling to the ground, Janine struggles to fight off her assailant.

Janine: You aren't a kid! You're too strong! What are you, a wrestler or something? Help! Somebody help!

Janine continues to struggle as she feels the pink Ranger attach a hose into the back of her costume.

Janine: What are you doing?! What are you doing to me?!

Janine screams in fear as she feels water pour into her suit. She is trapped in her costume as water begins to fill in. Suddenly, she realizes she is not alone in her suit. She can feel things moving around, nipping away at her flesh.

Janine: Help!!!

Janine soon loses the ability to scream as the water begins to fill into her helmet. The last thing she remembers is her eyes bulging out at the deadly fish and other creatures trapped with her. 

Feeling pleased with her goals for the night, Velvet Sky ditches the pink Power Ranger costume just in time. The mini mushroom she took earlier loses its power. Now fully returned to her regular size, Velvet Sky escapes into the night, confident that this horror story is only just beginning...

To be continued...

April O'Neil's Halloween Party of the Year!

The countdown to Halloween is over!

Happy Halloween everyone! 
Be safe and have a spooky fun night!


  1. If movies have taught me anything its that if theres a minister in the room, by golly someone is going to get married! Even if he walks into a Starbucks to get a cup of coffee, he'll hitch the barista with that guy who just ordered the pumpkin spice latte and toss a twenty in the tip jar as a wedding present. Thats just the power of love!

    I pulled a bit of squick face when FrankenBerry said "Breakfast in Bed". My mind seems to have fallen in the gutter and doesn't want to get out!

    1. Yes! I was hoping that there would be that feel to it, that if there is someone in the role of minister, there will be a wedding! I wanted this story to have scary elements for Halloween, but at the end of it all, this was always meant to be a love story between April and Casey. I simply used Franken Berry and Elsa as a red herring of sorts. lol

      And I have to admit, the Breakfast in bed comment was meant to maybe have a double meaning for anyone that wanted to interpret it that way. lol I don't have to have my mind in the gutter, but I do like to be a little tongue in cheek. lol

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    1. Happy Halloween to you too! I hope that your holiday was wonderful!

  3. that was a cool halloween story other then toy miss ms dog getting murdered by velvet sky. but that and janice murder added the horror element to halloween. and felt sad frankenberry got dumped by the bride but glad he seems to have found a new match in strawberry. happy halloween miss m.

    1. Yeah, the dog getting murdered was not the nicest part of the story for sure! But, it only shows how far Velvet Sky is willing to go. lol Now it looks like Janine died, but she may or may not be done for good!

      I had originally intended for Franken Berry to end up alone and put in harms way by Velvet Sky, but after your comment and a few others about Franken Berry and Strawberry Shortcake I changed his ending up just a bit. I hope all is well with you demoncat and that your Halloween was nice too!

  4. Well. Joe bob once said,"There is a difference between an A movie and a B movie. In the A movie, the dog doesn't die. In a B movie, doggies a goner!"
    I would say I want one of the Ghostbusters to come and rescue Jenine. But, then, I thought, Peter is my fave, and he probably wouldn't give a shit about her! Maybe Louis would come in his GB outfit! Cuz, you know,after that brief part of the first movie, Egon, never gave a shit about her again!
    By the way, I don't watch "Once Upon a Time"-but my mom does, and I am at her house right now, and it looks like Ariel is in the show now! You must be super happy!

    1. Yeah, this is totally a B level post! lol The dog is dead, but the fate of Janine might not be what you are expecting. I have a few of the male Ghostbusters characters, but I mostly just have a lot of the Janines. lol I never got a Louis though. I need to see what he is going for on eBay.

      I do watch Once Upon a Time and I am so glad that Ariel is now on the show! I haven't seen the episode yet, but I am totally looking forward to it!

  5. This was crazy excellent. I can't believe I missed this post somehow!!! I noticed in the newest Miss M entry that "something had happened to Janine" and so I went looking in the October archives and found that I had missed the Halloween Party!!! AWESOME!!! So, so, so VERY awesome. I love how much you put into ever entry.

    I also love seeing someone playing with their toys completely unashamed and creatively! It must have taken you forever just to get the photographs taken!!! I am so impressed! Hope you had an awesome Halloween by the way!

    1. I did have a nice Halloween Goodwill Geek! And I am glad you enjoyed this. It took me some time to get it all together, but I had the best time getting it together. I had been waiting for awhile to get to the point to share this with everyone. Also, these stories I do have allowed me to really engage with my collection in a way I never thought I'd really do.

      Thanks for the comment, and I hope you are doing well!