Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Countdown to Halloween Toy Chest Tuesday! Halloween Odds and Ends!

It's been awhile, but Toy Chest Tuesday is all new and ready to look at some Halloween knick knacks! Click the link below and read on!

Growing up I loved nothing more than all the random silly little Halloween items that I could add to all the other crap in my room. They weren't action figures or dolls, but they were perfect enough to satisfy my inner hoarder. Let's look!

I don't know the exact brand of this witch, but I have had her since 1986. I also can't recall exactly how she came into my life. I have always loved this witch though. The white areas glow in the dark. (You all know how I feel about glow in the dark.) I also like the blank expression on her face. It's just a cute item and one that instantly makes me feel excited for Halloween.

Up next is a little costumed Dracula kid pin. It was made by Avon, that lovely company that made more than just cosmetics. My mom sold Avon in the late 80's and early 90's, so my brother and I were always consumed with the Avon brochures. I loved looking at all the makeup in the ads, but I was too young to tart my face up. So I became obsessed with all the holiday merchandise. I've never been one to wear pins because I don't like purposefully making holes in my clothes. Either way, I have enjoyed collecting anything cute, and that goes for pins too.

Now here we have an amazing Avon item that dares you to not fall in love with its cuteness. This black cat clips on to clothing with a plastic clip, but that's not all! A little switch on the back causes the green eyes to flicker and a spooky Halloween song plays. It's that typical spooky Halloween sound effect that most items have. I'd hum it, but I don't feel like frightening anyone.

The final toy hails from the great golden age of Avon toys. Boo glasses are amazing. A switch on the back of the ghost causes his red eyes to flicker while the wearer rocks an awesome Halloween frame effect. My brother and I each had a pair and it was amazing. Except for one small problem: I was already wearing large obnoxious glasses. So I never really wore these Boo glasses, unless I wanted to know what it was like to not see. I hate being blind as a bat.

Here's everything together. Some fun and cute little Halloween toys. That's about it though for Toy Chest Tuesday. I was wanting it to be a longer feature, but I have been working on that crossover event for ThEpicReview. I am almost finished. Everything will be posted on Friday and I hope it will be something fun and entertaining. Take care everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I had wanted to add more stuff, but this one needed to be shorter this week.

  2. Cool stuff, Miss M!

    What's the base from, though?

    That's what I kept wondering the whole way through!

    1. Thank you! The base is from a Halloween Peanuts set of figures from like 2001 or 2002? lol I have so many "props" to use for these pictures that I tend to forget that the props are just as interesting and fun as the toys being featured. lol Hope all is well.

  3. Great stuff! Love everybody getting into the Halloween spirit!

    1. Thank you! I know, this is such a fun time of year. I feel so silly for not joining in all the festivities, because I have loved talking about this time of year. I love that so many people get into it too!

  4. I know Mason! I love those glasses. I wanted to take a picture with me wearing them, but lol they are a little too small. lol