Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dorky Snaps

Remember ToyFare magazine? If you are a dork the answer is probably yes. ToyFare was the perfect magazine because it was all about action figures. (I even loved it more than Vogue, though TF was ranked a lil below Soap Opera Digest.) Anyways the magazine ended its run last year and if you were really quiet you could've heard the collective cry of the dork community throughout the universe. How were we going to get our toy news fix? Sure there are sites all over the web dedicated to toy news, but nothing was better than a real magazine in your hands filling you with knowledge, news, wish lists, and funny pictures. I'll never forget the first issue I bought, it was issue #7 and the very first Tomb Raider figure was on the cover. Thank goodness Lara has come a long way.

Anyway one of the great things about ToyFare was the little still shots of various toys with comic bubbles depicting a humorously witty conversation or sentence. So I thought what better way to pay tribute to that great magazine than by taking some funny snapshots of toys and all the stuff we love. So welcome to a new feature on Diary that I like to call Dorky Snaps! The pictures may not have the comic bubbles, but they hopefully have a lot of awesomeness. And to make it a fun interactive experience I thought I would leave the last picture blank, so that my fantastic readers could share with me their own funny line to go with the snapshot. Also, as a reminder, no toy's feelings were hurt in the making of these jokes! So enjoy!

While on the way to save the Great Rebellion from the Horde, Buttercup just had to tell She-Ra, "You're gonna need a bigger horse."

"All right, Mr. D. Vanille, I'm ready for my close-up." 

History of Fighting 101:
How rich women fought in the '80s

(So come on readers, what do you think?)


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    1. Oh that is a good one Ty! I have still been trying to come up with one, but I can't. Hope you are well!