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Jem- The Reunion Chapter 2

Ok it is that time again, time for a new Jem fanfic chapter. I know, I know, "Why do we need to read more Jem fanfic Miss M?" Well here's why, it makes you smarter. And since Hasbro still insists on taking a very slow time with any Jem relaunch for the foreseeable future I am just gonna keep rollin' out my Jem fanfic, a lovely look at where Jem and the gang would be 20 somethin years later.
Here's what you may have missed from Chapter 1. Time has not been good to Jem. After the world found out that Jerrica Benton and Jem were one in the same the curtain came down on the popular '80s band. Now in the present Jem has had a recent resurgence in popularity and interest. While appearing on the Lindsey Pierce show Jem announced that the Holograms and her would be reuniting for a world tour and certain guests would be accompanying the group, like Barbie and the Rockers. While leaving the show Jem made a phone call to someone about a meeting of some kind...

News of the Jem reunion tour enraged Pizzazz, leader of the Misfits who were quite possibly the biggest rival band that Jem and the Holograms ever had to deal with. In other news Eric Raymond former band manager to the Misfits was going to be released from prison. Apparantly Eric tried to stall the Holograms from attending a benefit concert and nearly got them, the Misfits, and the Stingers all killed in a deadly fire. This is the same fire that also led the world to finding out that Jerrica and Jem were the same person after she was rushed to the hospital.

So now put on your best war paint and get ready for the reunion of a lifetime...

 Jem- The Reunion
Chapter 2

Jem exits an elevator into a posh waiting room. Heading to the left and walking through the halls of Starlight Music, Jem can't help but look at the pictures of people and various achievements that the music company has received in the recent decades. There is an excitement in the air as she heads to a large office room with a view of downtown Los Angeles. As Jem enters the room a chair turns around behind a desk. Aja stands tall in a sleek business suit, her blue hair pulled tight into a bun. With arms crossed Aja says, "Well there's our new tv star. I caught your interview on the Lindsey Pierce show and I must say I was shocked. I had no idea we would be gearing up for a reunion tour. Had I known I would have bought us some champagne!" Aja takes a seat and slightly grins, "So I am going to sit here and let you tell me how this all happened. And action."

Jem knows there is a lot of explaining to do, "Aja I had no choice. It was either get on the Lindsey Pierce show today or wait at least 6 months or longer for a spot to open up. I no longer have the clout I used to, it had to be now or never."

Shaking her head Aja looks out the window before turning to Jem, "Would it have taken that much time to call us and just see if we were interested in a reunion tour? Jem, you just spoke on our behalf, what if the other members say no? You have been so impulsive lately!"

"I know I have Aja, but I did what I thought was best. I could have stopped and interrupted everyone's busy lives to see about reuniting, but I wanted to say something now. While we are still in slight demand. Look at our songs, they are doing really well on iTunes. I've had calls about releasing a nice greatest hits package with some new songs. There are even Jem Conventions Aja! People dress up like us and do it rather well. There is something in the air, I can feel it. I don't want to miss out on this before it is too late."

Aja stands and walks to a small bar by the office desk. She pours herself a glass of sparkling water, "Too late? Jem you talk as if we will no longer be relevant in a few months. I know it was a blow when the world turned aginst us, but I think it would have been alright for you to talk to us first. And what of Barbie? You announced her band would be joining us. Have you forgotten what it was like to be around her? How did this happen? Does she even know or will she be shocked like me?"

Pouring herself a glass of sparkling water too, Jem tells her story, "Barbie knows somewhat. We were at Elton's charity event about a month ago and we struck up a nice conversation. She asked if the Holograms were going to ever reunite, and one thing led to another. We casually started talking about uniting both bands and doing a tour. To double check I called her manager and he said go for it. We just need to iron out the details." The two women look at each other. Raised as foster sisters Aja and Jem were still close after all these years. No matter what may have happened with everyone else, Aja always remained close. Aja raises an eyebrow, "By details you mean getting the Holograms back together?"

Jem nods, "Yes. And I hope that I can count on you to be the first to say yes. I will need your help convincing everyone else." Aja is silent for a few moments, "I suppose I could say yes, as long as it doesn't disturb my duties as president of the Starlight Foundation." With Jem having a growing larger part in maintaining Starlight Music she had asked Aja to head the Starlight Foundation for Foster Girls a few years back. Aja had proven to be highly successful in her role with the foundation. Jem looks at Aja, "You suppose?"

Grinning from ear to ear Aja laughs, "Oh of course I'm going to say yes Jem! There is no other answer! So what is the next plan?" Jem smiles and hugs Aja, "Oh Aja I am so happy! I know I was impulsive, blame it on age. But we can make this work. The next thing we need to do is take a quick trip to San Franciso tonight. Raya's band is performing and I made a few calls. We have back stage passes." Aja smiles, "And you say you no longer have any clout, ha! Well let's get going!" Jem and Aja talk further and prepare to head to San Francisco...

Raya's concert is nearing an end. Jem and Aja watch from the side of the stage and are so proud to see Raya performing with her new band. After Jem and the Holograms broke up Raya became quite the commodity with other musical acts. In the recent years Raya began lending her talents on drums to the alternative rock band Le Fleur. Aja shouts into Jem's ears, "Aren't you proud of her Jem? Raya has come such a long way!" Jem nods and wonders what everything would have been like if the Holograms had never broken up.

Once the concert is over Raya makes her way to her dear friends. Slightly older and still gorgeous, Raya grabs a towl from an assistant and wipes her face, her pink hair messy and wild. Raya hugs her friends and they are all excited to see each other. "Oh Jem and Aja I am so happy to see you both! What a surprise!"

Aja nods, "You look fantastic! I love your outfit!" Raya smiles and looks down at her rocker girl costume of tattered leggings and strapless silver top, "Oh I try to throw on what I can! You two look great too!" Raya smiles. Jem and Aja look a bit more subdued so as not to attract too much attention. Jem adjusts her billowy dress, "Raya we are so happy for you. The music was so good, your talents as a drummer are just sublime."

Raya smiles, "I owe that to my time when I was with you Jem. Being a part of the Holograms taught me so much and I have carried that with me to this very day!" The three talk for a little longer catching up on everyone's various activities and projects, which eventually leads to Jem asking, "I know you have been busy with Le Fleur Raya, but what would you think of reuniting with the Holograms for a tour?"

Smiling at her two former bandmates Raya looks sad, "I had heard about your interview with Lindsey Pierce earlier today. I think it is a wonderful idea Jem, but I am so sorry. I just can't commit to that at this time. I wish I could, I really do. I'm so sorry." Jem hugs Raya, "Don't apologize for that Raya! I completely understand, we just wanted to ask you personally." Aja chimes in, "Which we should have done sooner, but this all came together so quickly."

Aja quickly darts her eyes to Jem, this was going to be more difficult than they thought. Raya nods, "Yes, but I understand how things can get thought out pretty quickly. I wish you all the best with everything..." Raya pauses as her assistant whispers something in her ear. Raya nods and looks at Jem and Aja, "I'm so sorry, but I have to step away for a second. I have a brief interview with a journalist from Rollingstone. Please enjoy everything back stage and I will try to talk some more later on ok?" Jem and Aja understand realizing that things really have changed in all their lives. Hugs are given and soon Jem and Aja are standing alone as people walk around not even aware of who they are.

How is this all going to work out Jem asks herself. Maybe a reunion tour was a bad idea. Aja nudges Jem's arm, "Alright fearless leader, what do we do next?" Jem looks at Aja and realizes that this is going to work. This is her last chance... Jem smiles, "First I think we need to leave and find something to eat. I'm starving. As for the next step, what do you think about going to Paris next week?" Raya may have said no to the reunion tour, but hopefully Shana would have a different response. Aja perks up, "Paris? You don't have to ask me twice!" The two walk off already discussing what would be on the list of things to do in the city of lights.

As a few days pass and turn into a new week Eric Raymond finds himself on the verge of becoming a free man. A little after twenty years of being locked up and serving his time well, Eric has just a few more things to do before walking out of prison and into a new life. He can't believe freedom is so close. Back in 1989 he had worked with Pizzazz to stall the Holograms from performing at a huge benefit concert. He had never planned for the fire to grow out of control and nearly kill everyone that was there. A trial soon followed and though the bigger story had been that Jem was actually Jerrica Benton, nothing could completely take away from the sobering realization that he was eventually found guilty. A long life in prison soon commenced.

This was all set to be the past however as Eric put on his clothing from his personal effects. Throwing on a Members Only jacket over his dated slacks and button up, Eric knew he must've looked ridiculous. However he made his way to the clerk to finish signing out and collecting the rest of his belongings. While going over his items the clerk looks at Eric, "You been gone awhile, might need to get some new clothes."

Eric dryly states, "I'll add that to the top of my to-do list." The clerk hands him his weathered vintage brief case. Eric opens it up and looks at the various files and paperwork resting comfortably inside. He stumbles upon a black cassette with neon colored lettering. Instantly feeling revulsion Eric takes the cassette out and slides it to the clerk, "Burn this. I have no use for it."

The clerk looks at Eric, "Sir, this is a Federal building, I can't burn this!" Eric groans, "Fine, just take it. I want nothing to do with it." The clerk looks at the cassette and gasps, "Oh I remember the Misfits! They were that band... They sang that song... Oh how did it go? 'I've got my eye on you' or something like that." Eric shakes his head, "Wrong song. The Misfits didn't sing that." The clerk is insistant, "No, I'm pretty sure they did. Oh I think I will keep this cassette, I loved them! Though I'm not sure how I will listen to it..." The clerk turns over the cassette and then says, "Maybe I can get something for it on ebay instead." Eric grimaces, "I highly doubt it." Finishing up his paperwork Eric takes one last look around, freedom is but a few steps away...

Walking outside Eric squints into the sunlight. Unsure of what he should do next he starts walking towards the road until a shiny black limo pulls up in front of him. The door swings open and a pair of long legs glide out in heels with blood red soles. Standing in front of Eric is Pizzazz, green hair teased within an inch of its life. Wearing large oversized sunglasses and a short tight dress Pizzazz waves, "Eric! You're out! How 'bout a ride?"

Eric walks by her and mutters, "I'd rather take my chances on foot." Eric continues to walk by the limo heading as far away from trouble as he possibly can. Pizzazz calls back, "Oh Eric don't be ridiculous! Get inside the car!" Eric ignores her and continues walking. Letting out an exasperated groan Pizzazz gets back into the limo and tells the driver to follow Eric. The limo slowly drives next to Eric.

"Eric, stop this. Just get in the limo. Walking back to civilization will take forever! Besides I need your help. I have a job for you Eric and it will pay very well." Eric stops and rolls his eyes, "You'll pay me well? Last I heard Pizzazz you have no money." Pizzazz grins looking out through the limo window, "This is true Eric, I lost all my money years ago. However daddy died and I got all of his. Now I am filthy rich and I want to get filthier. So stop being annoying and get in the damn limo."

Taking a brief moment to look at his options, Eric decides to get inside. The car is a full stretch limo, the nicest thing Eric has sat in within the last twenty years. He removes his jacket, Pizzazz notices that Eric has bulked up since the last time she saw him, "Wow Eric, prison does a body good." Pizzazz reaches out and touches Eric's muscular arm. Eric moves his arm away, "Stop panting Pizzazz."

Cackling a bit Pizzazz reaches over and pours two drinks and hands one over to Eric. Shaking his head Eric says, "No thanks. I haven't had a drink in twenty years, I'm good." Pizazz grins, "In that case you must be very thirsty. Come on Eric, it's your favorite scotch." Eric grabs the glass and throws it back. Pizzazz's eyes dazzle with mischief, "See that wasn't so bad. It is so good to see you Eric."

Looking at Pizzazz with a blank face Eric chuckles, "Good to see me? When is the last time you saw me Pizzazz? You don't call. You don't write. I don't think you ever once made an attempt to see me while I was locked up." Pizzazz looks down and fixes her dress, "I'm here now Eric. Besides I make it a point to avoid going to prison." Eric looks out the window and laughs, "Tell me about it, you just send people there after they've done your bidding."

"Oh Eric please. So you went to jail for a couple decades, you're out now. And you did a great thing, who would've guessed that the almighty Jerrica Benton was that wenchy Jem?" Pizzazz grins while taking a sip of scotch. Eric looks over and rolls his eyes, "I don't care to think about her. Tell me about this job, how will I be making money?"

While placing her glass on the mini bar Pizzazz turns to look at Eric, "Well I'm not sure if you know this but it has become very trendy for has-been bands to reunite for cheesy reunion tours. And I thought it would be nice to show them that the Misfits don't need a reunion tour, that we've always been here making the best music and throwing the best tours." Eric nods, "Very interesting Pizzazz. Reunion tours are tacky for the likes of the Misfits. Tell me, when was the last time you spoke to the other Misfits?" Pizzazz snaps, "Oh shut up Eric. We'll get the band back together in due time. I need you to be our manager, like the good old days."

"The good old days Pizzazz? If I'm to do this I will not be doing any illegal activities, I'm not going back to prison." Eric says reaching over and pouring himself another glass of scotch. Pizzazz smiles, "Of course not Eric, I wouldn't dream of you going back to prison. You're more important to me right here, helping to bring the Misfits back to the number 1 spot." Eric takes a slower sip from his scotch this time, "This quest for being number 1, it wouldn't have anything to do with Jem and the Holograms going on tour again would it? Don't look so surprised Pizzazz, I have been in prison, not living under a rock."

Pizzazz plays innocent, "Oh please as if I care about that piece of phony trash." Eric and Pizzazz look at each other, the history they have shared has never changed no matter what amount of time has passed. Pizzazz devilishly grins, "Well maybe it has something to do with Jem. That annoying mess thinks she can go on a reunion tour and ask Barbie and the Rockers to join, not even thinking about me? The Misfits helped make Jem and the Holograms who they are, and now I'm ready to show her what I'm really capable of. She and I have unfinished business. So come on Eric, what do you say?" Eric finishes his scotch and pauses, "Sure Pizzazz. I'll help, but it'll cost you." Pizzazz tilts her head back, "That doesn't matter. This is just the beginning! Oh Eric, we're gonna get her. But first, you need some new clothes." Pizzazz laughs out loud as Eric sits back in his seat, what was he getting involved with this time?


  1. Was this ever finished, and if so, where can I find it?

    1. Sadly it was not. I have it written in my personal notes, but I never got it written and posted on here. There wasn't enough interest in it to continue.

  2. I WANT TO SEE A JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS REUNION!!!!! Screw that movie, they DO NOT KNOW what's right!!

    1. Oh thank you! When I wrote this I really thought of it as something that would translate well to film. It honors the tv show and occurs in that same universe but it is a look at them older and still truly truly outrageous! Thanks again for the comment and I hope that you are doing well!