Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Song For You

I have been getting a few posts ready for you all, but I decided to hold off and just say that I am so saddened by the loss of Whitney Houston right now. Her music has always been amazing whether I was wanting to dance alone in my room or do my best to sing half as good as she could. (My range... well I have no range let's just leave it at that.) If I was in a club or at a wedding and Whitney came on, I would mow some heifers over just to dance like a crazed rabid fool. Those minutes were always blissful. "How Will I Know" "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" "My Love Is Your Love" Just the best.

I know I never knew her personally but something has got to be said for listening to someone's art, their music, their voice, and being moved by it. My goodness that talent. To realize that the person who shared that talent with the world is no longer here, it is just so heartbreaking. I feel for her family. I feel for everyone who is missing her right now.

When I was about 17 or 18 my friend J. and I were obsessed with the remix of "It's Not Right, But It's Ok." We just couldn't get over how much we loved that song. That song filled me with so much positive attitude. I was ready to stand up for myself and not deal with anyone's bull crap. So one day we were driving to my house after getting out from school early. We were going to watch our soaps and gossip.

To our delight that song came on and we somehow managed to dance like some fools in our cars. I rolled my window down and was hanging out the window screaming the words out trying to make sure that J. had the song on the radio too. She did. We were both just laughing and dancing without a care in the world. Of course I probably would have gotten in trouble with the po-po had they seen me, some silly white girl hanging out of her moving car, but what are ya gonna do? I knew how to multi-task back then.

Anyways I must go. There are some Whitney songs that need listening.   

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