Monday, February 27, 2012


Ever since Strawberry Shortcake dolls burst on the scene smelling so sweet, many people have become obsessed with scented toys. I am sure there were scented toys before Strawberry Shortcake though I couldn't tell you what they were. For me Strawberry Shortcake was simply 'it.' Who hasn't wanted a doll that smells like a tasty treat?

Many scented toylines followed in Shortcake's footsteps, like Rose Petal Place, Cherry Merry Muffin, and of course the various relaunches that Strawberry Shortcake and her friends seem to have every few years. Scent and toys have even collaborated with certain characters for larger toylines like the sweet smelling Perfuma from Princess of Power and the malodorous Stinkor from Masters of the Universe. The '80s was the decade for scented toys and really any toy with a cool gimmick. And though we may no longer see an abundance of toys with a hologram sticker gimmick (i.e. Tonka's Super Naturals) every now and then a scented toy will still come along and be current. That's staying power!

Let's go to the side bar shall we? My friend D.D. once told me a funny story about his sister and grandmother. Growing up D.D.'s sister collected Strawberry Shortcake and one day she wanted their grandmother to smell a new Strawberry Shortcake doll. The only response that D.D.'s grandmother could give was, "Ugh, that doll smells like caca." Love it. Never in a million years would I have guessed that someone would say that Strawberry Shortcake smells like excrement.

Ok so let's discuss the latest toyline to smell 'oh-so-sweet,' PinyPon or Pin y Pon depending on preferance. First introduced in the '80s, PinyPon was a popular toyline in Europe and Australia I believe. The toys were basic modular characters with environments that were interchangeable, sort of like Lego or Playmobil. Currently the toyline is owned by Famosa and they have invaded American toy stores. With a whole new look these swappable toys also have a series of sweet smelling characters.

They smell like fowers! Scented toys are back! Did they ever really leave? I have recently become obsessed with these cute little toys. So let's take a look!

Here is the basic package for a scented PinyPon.

Here is the back featuring other characters and an ingredients list!

This is an opened PinyPon with pieces.

These figures seem to come from the basic line (there are many different PinyPon) and are scented like flowers. They don't really have any names though the pink one smells like roses. So we can just call her Rose. The blue one smells like... blue scent? I'm not sure what to call her.

Anyways with a quick flip of the wig and a turn of the face, Rose has a whole new look! There are also fun pieces that can be mixed and matched, like the hair clips that can also be placed in her hand. The wig and waist are also removeable, so with countless PinyPon at one's disposal the possibilities are endless.

But that is not all dear readers, things get even cuter! They have mermaid PinyPon! I am beyond thrilled.

Mermaid PinyPon have shimmery glitter painted accents and come with a pet animal and accessories.

There are only two mermaid PinyPon to choose from, but here's hoping for more.

Is that not the coolest thing? I love mermaids. Always have and I always will. In fact maybe one day I will post the reasons that mermaids are truly the best and are actually kinda having a moment in the spotlight right now.

Anyways there are so many other PinyPon toys available. There are date night sets that come with a PinyPon couple. I believe PinyPon even has a license to drive with two different car sets. I would say these are perfect for kids and the grown folk who still indulge their inner child with the ultimate in quirky cute.

Before I go let me just say this about PinyPon, this line of cuteness really reminds me of the cool girl toys from the late '80s and early '90s. They are colorful, sparkly, and scented with that dash of oddness. They may not be slim with rooted hair like a Wee Wild Thing, but they do have a similar charm. They are really fun and I highly urge you all to run out and pick some up! Stop and smell the roses folks.

And be sure to stop back tomorrow, as an all new Toy Chest Tuesday will be arriving. I may even have it posted at an earlier time so you can actually enjoy the post on Tuesday, like it was intended!

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