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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 1

Hello dear readers, I would like to say for the millionth time that I am a mess. Seriously. My brain is so scattered I feel like it is dissolving into a warm pool of mushy goo. I have so many things that I want to post about, but I keep coming back to fan fiction. So have no fear, all the great posts I am working on will eventually come out. For now let's talk fanfic.

I have been writing fanfic since I was a teen, in a time long long gone. Many hairstyles and colors later I am still writing fanfic. As a teen living in the Dark Ages I didn't even realize there was a name for what I was writing. I just wanted to tell stories about the X-Men and characters from Final Fantasy VII interacting on a regular basis like it was normal. The only thing I knew was that if people found out I was writing this stuff they were going to think I was a loser and possibly suffering from a mental condition. I kept my dorky writing proclivities to myself.

However as the world opened up to the dorky experience I realized that other people were writing about similar topics and there was actually a name for the style of writing that I enjoyed so much: fan fiction. It basically goes like this: have you ever been invested with a TV show, comic, movie, or some other form of story, and found yourself wondering what it would have been like for a character to choose the adventure on page 56 instead of 32? Putting your own ideas on paper to tell the story of your favorite characters is essentially fanfic. Pretty simple and upon describing it I can't ever believe I thought there was something wrong with me for liking it.

I was so happy with a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly that actually featured a rather interesting article about people who write fanfiction, particularly the type of fanfic called shipping (writing about the romantic relationships of favorite characters from TV, movies, etc.). This, to me, is basically fanfic, but some of you may be wondering... what in the hell is so big about fanfic? To some it is a big joke. For others it is the perfect process to celebrate the characters they know and love.

I love a good story, but my idea for a story does not always go the way that the original writers intended. I write fanfic for just about everything I like, which means there is a lot. I like everything! This doesn't mean though that I'm some stuck up bimbette who thinks that the orignal creator's stories are crap. No, not at all. I simply never want the stories to end. I want them to continue in multiple ways. There are times where I feel like I live and breathe these characters and want to share in their story too. (I do have a life, I promise.)

I most recently started sharing my fanfics with people. In the past I never let anyone look inside my fanfic notebooks. I was afraid of people being judgey. Of course this may not seem like a huge spoiler alert now because I have already posted some Jem fanfic on here, but a good number of years ago I started a very special fanfic about He-Man and She-Ra in a really cool Lisa Frank notebook. (By the goddess I just love Lisa Frank.) Anyway the He-Man and She-Ra fanfic has been one of my most important stories to date.

So a couple years ago I took a big leap and posted those stories on a forum. I wanted to share them with people for many reasons. First of all there has not been any official She-Ra cartoon or comic since the '80s. Yes She-Ra may have some new figures, but the lack of a new She-Ra story is just sad. Secondly the characters from Princess of Power are so important to me and I wanted people to see them for more than just a group of women with silly names. True, they may have silly names but there is so much more to tell. This brings me to my last reason, we all need to continue telling stories of She-Ra. So many people have forgotten about her or think she is lame. The She-Ra fanfic that I write is my little contribution to continuing the legacy of this powerful woman and the people in her life. It is from my heart, and I know this must sound silly coming from a grown woman that should know better.

However since when do I ever plan on knowing any better? This is why every Saturday will be She-Ra Saturday! I will be posting each chapter of the fanfic that I have written and posted else where and will finally get to posting the conclusion. For those who have already read these chapters don't worry, I have added more content to them. It's like when a musical artist re-releases the same album a year later but with three new songs and a bonus remix. Except this won't cost you a dime. (That and I went over those first few chapters again and ugh, they were messy and needed some work!) Now let me be very clear dear readers, this stuff is not Shakespeare. There will be no lengthy chapters like in a Stephen King novel. I can't even gaurantee that you will enjoy it. It will just be a story involving of a young woman becoming the most powerful woman in the universe. Adora's Search for Honor is my dorky ass attempt to honor the Filmation cartoon and mini comics that came with the vintage toys. It is also a way to share my own spin on She-Ra and her friends.

For those who have no idea what is going on I will briefly catch you up on what needs to be known before starting Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 1! And as always feel free to leave your comments letting me know your thoughts about the story or if you think I need to just go play in the street. A very busy street.


This story takes place on Etheria, a magical planet that has seen its resources threatened by the Horde, an evil group of beings bent on invading and dominating every planet in the Universe, though it is unclear what they seek out of this dominance. Most of Etheria has been under total control of the Horde for many decades, barring a few regions that have been resistant to surrender. The Horde also enlisted the children on Etheria into the Horde Academy, where they eventually learned to become members of the Horde Army. The Horde is led by the mighty Hordak. Hordak has various people working for him, though he has three force captains in different ranks that do most of his bidding. Those captains are Adora, Catra, and Spira.

Spira is actually a glamorous double agent (code name: Double Trouble) for the Great Rebellion. The Great Rebellion are a group of Etherians who have joined together in protest of the Horde. They are led by Queen Angella of Bright Moon (a castle located in the Whispering Woods, a magical forest that the Horde can't reach.) Angella and Kowl (a know-it-all owl with knowledge of Etheria's history) have been held hostage by the Horde in parts unknown for some time. Angella's daughter Glimmer has been tirelessy searching for her mother. Other members of the Rebellion are Bow a handsome archer, Mermista a mer-princess who is the last of her kind, Frosta an icy empress unwilling to give up her kingdom to the Horde, and Perfuma a flower maiden that can communicate with nature. These Rebels grew up with Adora and Catra in the Horde Academy, though they had managed to escape (leaving Adora and Catra behind) and join the Great Rebellion.

Currently Hordak and some of his forces are away on a mission to another planet called Eternia. While Hordak was away from Etheria Bow and Glimmer decided to deliver supplies to a town outside of the Whispering Woods that has been on lockdown due to the Horde. While delivering the supplies Bow and Glimmer found themselves outnumbered by Horde troopers and Spira. Having stayed behind on Etheria, Spira aka Double Trouble has secretly been working with Glimmer and Bow to "catch" the princess and archer and send them to the Horde prison. The perfect plan being that with most of the Horde gone, Bow and Glimmer would be able to find any possible leads as to where Angella and Kowl have been taken to. With Angella locked away somewhere on Etheria, the Rebellion is losing momentum.

However Hordak’s secret mission will be ending sooner than everyone thought. Adora, the head force captain and Catra a force captain that is second in command accompanied Hordak and a few other Horde members to Eternia. Hordak was hoping for a quick and easy invasion on Eternia but it has not been an easy conquest. No one but Hordak knows why the invasion was so important, but the mission was cut short due to strong opposition from a group of heroes calling themselves the Masters of the Universe. And now the story begins, one that will change the lives of everyone, particularly Adora, forever...

Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 1

In the Fright Zone (home base to the Horde on Etheria) a swirling portal opens and Hordak walks through, followed by his Force Captains Adora and Catra. A small number of Horde Troopers walk through as well with Grizzlor and Leech following behind. Shadow Weaver and Mantenna greet the Horde members. Shadow Weaver is Hordak's close magical confidant. Her powers over dark magic have been incredibly helpful for the Horde. Grizzlor, Leech, and Mantenna are important warriors ready to do Hordak and the Force Captain's bidding.

Shadow Weaver whispers, “Hordak, your return is quicker than we all expected. What was the fate of the invasion?” She is concerned, Hordak does not seem pleased.

Hordak snarls an answer, “What do you think Shadow Weaver? We were sorely outnumbered and our plot backfired in our faces. I needed more soldiers. I needed more weaponry. Eternia was better prepared this time, even though we caught them by surprise.”

“What will be the next course of action?” Shadow Weaver asks. There is much that she wants to know, there have been so many attempts at conquering Eternia. For some reason nothing works.

Catra interrupts, “We have no course of action. They were too strong. The only thing we should do is focus on gaining control of the other areas in Etheria that have not surrendered to the Horde. Hopping to another world seems pointless when there are still free regions here.” Catra crosses her arms, hoping that Hordak will be pleased with her idea.

“I will be the one to make that decision Catra. Eternia will be revisited later, for now let me think about our next move. Our loss has angered me and I am not in the mood to be tested.” Hordak walks past the other Horde member and heads towards his throne room.

Mantenna quickly follows behind Hordak. Mantenna's bug eyes bulge slightly. Slightly goofy but incredibly strong Mantenna has something important to say and shrilly pipes up, “But Hordak, we have really wonderful news! While your mission on Eternia may have failed, something marvelous occurred here on Etheria!”

Hordak turns to Mantenna and snorts, “Now is not the time to play games with me Mantenna. Unless we have gained control of a new portion of Etheria, I do not care.”

Listening to Mantenna, Spira walks down the hall gliding past the other two Force Captains and Mantenna. She lifts her head high in the air and calmly says, “But you should care Hordak. I was able to apprehend the would-be leader of the Rebellion: Princess Glimmer. Along with her accomplice, Bow they are currently being held in the slave cells. We should have the Rebellion squashed in a matter of days.”

Standing by quietly listening, Adora's eyes widen in surprise. She couldn't recall the last time she saw Bow, “Really? Bow and the Rebel princess are here? In a cell?”

Hordak ignores Adora and grins, “Excellent Spira. I knew there was a reason why I picked you to round out the Force Captains. Mantenna and Catra, bring the prisoners to me at once.”

Adora joins in, “I could retrieve them Hordak.” Adora knows she shouldn't be interested, but Bow was once such a close special friend. She had so many questions to ask him, why did he ever join the Rebellion? This question snaps Adora back to reality, she should not be concerned at all. Bow left to become a Rebel. Adora learned from the Horde just how dangerous the Rebellion was including their motives to terrorize the people of Eheria. She could never understand why anyone would want to join...

Hordak shakes his head, “That isn’t necessary Adora. I know the history you have with one of those traitors. I would rather you do something else for me. Travel to Castle Chill and try to talk sense into the Empress. Her unwillingness to help the Horde leads me to believe that her neutrality is nothing more than attempts to be a rebel in disguise.”

Adora nods slightly upset but willing to carry out her duties, “Yes Hordak.” Adora leaves while Hordak continues his walk to the throne room. The hallways of the Fright Zone are dimly lit, the gray bricks looking darker than they actually are.

Catra and Mantenna split off together and head to the slave cells looking for Bow and Glimmer. Taking a few turns and walking down a steep stone staircase the Horde members greet a Horde Trooper at the opening of the slave cells, rows upon rows of tiny barred rooms with little light inside.

Bow and Glimmer hear them approaching. Their cells are next to each other and though the two Rebels can't see each other they are able to communicate. Neither had planned for this to happen, Spira had assured them both that this secret mission would be simple. However nothing can ever be simple. Bow and Glimmer had been so close to finding out information on Angella's location, until Hordak was revealed to be heading back. The Fright Zone became busy with everyone awaiting his arrival, so Bow and Glimmer found themselves prisoners for real once caught by some Horde Troopers.

Bow whispers to Glimmer, “They are coming for us Glimmer.”

Glimmer lowers her head, “I know Bow. I can’t believe that Hordak returned so soon. Our plan has gone terribly awry.” Glimmer wonders if this is how her mother must be feeling. If her mother was even alive.

“Don’t worry Glimmer. Double Trouble is not going to let anything happen to us. I’m sure she is already cooking up a plan.” Bow reaches for Glimmer’s hand through the bars and says, “Please don’t worry. We are going to find your mother and even Kowl too.” Glimmer smiles hopefully. She reaches her hand out and feels her finger tips lightly trace Bow's hand, the mere act sending chills down her spine.

Catra approaches the cell door spying the moment between Bow and Glimmer, “Get up you two. Hordak demands an audience.” Mantenna opens the cell doors and Catra takes a long look at Bow. She pities him for making the wrong choices so many moons ago. They could have been happy if he had just conformed to the Horde.

Back in the massive throne room Spira approaches Hordak. He is sitting tall on a massive throne made of industrial parts and various spikes. The throne rests on a large spacious platform with etchings of a trap door on the floor. Behind the throne is a slight drop off where a river of flowing lava pours and snakes its way to the mines below the Fright Zone.

“Hordak, I am sorry to hear about the failed mission to Eternia. Why was this invasion so important anyway?” Spira is doing her best to seek out information all the while remaining cautious with her words.

Hordak shakes his head, “Now I can’t tell you that Spira. Eventually all will know the importance of Eternia. For now let me bask in the prisoners you grabbed for me. Very impressive I must say Spira. You will have to tell me how you pulled this off.” Spira looks down avoiding Hordak's terrifying red eyes, and proceeds to explain how the Rebels were caught in a town outside of the Whispering Woods. She lies and says that they were brought back and immediately booked into the slave cells. The part about the rebels being caught roaming through the Fright Zone is left out...

Catra makes her presence known as she enters the throne room dragging Glimmer to her side. Spira looks on in her own personal hell as her friends are held captive in front of her. None of these feelings can register on her face. She let's Hordak know that she can report back later and calmly walks past her friends who are in grave danger. Glimmer and Bow both look at Spira walk by, it is as if they don't exist. Outside in the hall Spira can not stop shaking...

Glimmer and Bow have never been in Hordak's throne room before. The heat from the lava is maddening. Hordak motions for the prisoners to be in his line of view. Mantenna and Catra pick the Rebels up and shove them towards Hordak. Bow steadies himself as Glimmer skins her knee sliding across the metal grated platform.

Laughing Hordak claps his hands together, “Well isn’t this a fun surprise? Bow it has been so long. I remember when you were a kid and enrolled in the Academy. Such a shame that you left to join the Rebellion. Stupid indeed you fool. And Glimmer, the sweet lovely Glimmer, trying so hard to fill in your mother’s shoes. I wonder what she’d say about your pathetic attempt to hold onto the Rebellion. With Queen Angella and that annoying owl out of the picture the Rebels simply don’t stand a chance.”

Glimmer refuses to be taunted and bravely remarks, “Whatever you say Hordak. You won’t be able to stop the Rebellion. We are going to stop you and send you back to whet ever hell you came from.”

Bow whispers, “Quiet Glimmer, don’t make things worse.” Bow knows what Hordak is capable of. Glimmer grew up in Bright Moon far away from the madness that was the Horde Academy. She lived a privileged life and though she has faced many dangerous events, nothing can quite compare to being in front of Hordak in his throne room. Their only chance of rescue having just left the room, Bow realizes that this might be their last moment on Etheria.

Hordak jumps up from his throne seat, “Silence! The both of you! Such fools. How dare you try to talk this way to me! I have you both in the palm of my hands. And to make a message loud and clear, you will both be locked away in the Fright Zone, never to see the light of day.” Glimmer and Bow look at each other both confused, prisoners? They both thought they would be killed at the steps of Hordak's throne.

Catra looks at Bow and a slew of nostalgic memories wash over her. She begs Hordak, “Wait Hordak. Glimmer I do not care about, lock her away. However, Bow was enrolled in the Academy. Surely if given the chance he could change his mind, and fight alongside me, err, the Horde? We could use him on our side. He is the best archer on Etheria.” Catra remembers the past, when she was younger and enrolled in the Horde Academy. She was always fond of Bow, even though he had been closer to Adora and the other students. At the mere thought of Adora and the past Catra quickly brings herself back to reality and hopes that Bow will be smart in his decision.

Hordak looks at Bow and back to Catra, “Interesting idea Catra. Well Bow? Would you be mildly interested in joining the Horde, and sticking with us this time?” Hordak is fairly certain of Bow's answer, however Bow pauses for a few moments.

Glimmer is nervous as she awaits an answer from Bow. The archer stands there silent until he looks at Catra in the face, “I made my choice long ago. I stand by the Rebellion, and want nothing to do with the Horde, or you Catra.”

Catra can't believe what she is hearing. The raven haired beauty is furious, and maybe even hurt. Through a snarl Catra spits out, “Lock them up Hordak. I never want to see either one of them again.” Catra storms out of the throne room listening to Hordak's laughs. Catra is seething with anger and thinks to herself, this will be the final time that Bow ever makes a fool out of her.

Meanwhile on another part of Etheria, Adora arrives at Castle Chill in the icy region of the Kingdom of Snows. While entering the castle made of ice Adora flashes back to her youth. She grew up in the Fright Zone and, with her peers, found somewhat of a life in the Horde Academy. The Horde Academy was a unique program that Hordak had established for the young on Etheria. The goal was for Etherian children to train and move up in the ranks of the Horde Army to spread peace across Etheria. Adora’s class consisted of Bow, Catra, Perfuma, and Mermista. They had all been close, mostly on account that they had grown up without parents or families. They had been a part of the Fright Zone for so long. Frosta had been in a class ahead of their group. Very worldly, Frosta had actually known her parents. They had enrolled her in the Academy to further the idea of peace and to learn more about how the Horde would truly benefit the world. Since many on Etheria were not particularly fond of the colder climate in the Kingdom of Snows, Frosta was not used to being around most people her age. However once she warmed up to you she'd stand by you know matter what.

Frosta never finished the Horde Academy program because, sadly, her parents had been killed in what was called a planned assassination by the Rebellion, a group of people who opposed the efforts of the Horde. Frosta had been thrust into the role of Empress at a young age. Early on in the Horde Academy, the students had been brought up to fear the Rebellion and view the Rebellion as a group to be sought after and destroyed at all costs. Sadly for Adora, many of her friends eventually left the Horde Academy to join the Rebellion. Adora had stayed with the Horde, for her goal was to provide peace to Etheria at all costs. Adora jumps back to reality when Frosta enters the Castle's grand hall.

Frosta looks at her visitor, “Well hello Adora. Been awhile since I last saw you. Guards please, leave us. She is alone and not a threat.” Adora looks at the guards leave, “Yes Frosta, it has been awhile.” Frosta nods crossing her arms, “So spit it out, why are you here? Let’s not pretend that this is a social visit.”

“You are correct; this is not a social visit. I am here on behalf of Hordak. He would like to know where you are in the process of turning over Castle Chill to the Horde.” Hordak has long wanted the control of the Kingdom of Snows.

Frosta laughs twirling a piece of her blue hair, “Oh Adora that is pretty funny. Now why would I turn over my kingdom to the Horde? Hmm darling?” Frosta pities Adora, how could one of the brightest people Frosta ever knew be so duped into being a member of the Horde?

Adora is serious, “The Horde can protect you. The Rebellion is creating problems for so many people on Etheria and after what happened to your parents at the hand of the Rebellion… If you surrender to the Horde you won’t have to worry about anything.”

Enraged at the visit, Frosta glares at Adora, “Don’t ever bring my parents into this ridiculous conversation again. You stand here in front of me spouting your claims of protection by the Horde, my how naïve you are Adora. I have my own theory of who was responsible for the loss of my parents and I know for sure that the Horde is not going to have my best interests. For the umpteenth time I will not surrender to the Horde. Now run along to your master and let him know.”

“Be careful Frosta, if I didn’t know any better I would say you were sympathetic to the Rebellion.” The statement is simple enough yet fully loaded.

Not one to cave in to empty threats, Frosta rolls her eyes, “Believe what you must Adora, I could really care less. I owe nothing to the Horde or the Rebellion. I am here for my people. Castle Chill will stay with me. Guards! We are done here.” The guards walk in and escort Adora off the castle grounds. While walking through the Castle Adora finally notices that many of the Kingdom's people are not milling around. Back in the grand hall Frosta looks around her castle and says to herself, “I won’t let anything happen to this place.”

In another place on Etheria, Spira walks through careful paths passing colorful and magical trees. Knowing her way around Spira grew up in the Whispering Woods, a cousin to Glimmer. She is in the heart of the Whispering Woods about to meet up with her friends of the Rebellion. Perfuma, Mermista, and Madame Razz are standing in a small clearing smiling as Spira approaches. Spira looks at her dear friends, though they may not have always been in the Rebellion the group before her each make up integral parts now. Perfuma may have her head in the clouds but her feet are always firmly planted in the ground trying to make life beautiful. Mermista stands tall. Full of graciousness Mermista is the Rebel member that other's turn to for a friendly ear and her knowledge of the watery eco system of Etheria is superb. Then there is Madame Razz a living gem on Etheria with witchey powers for good. Some say she is the oldest living person on Etheria. When the Horde landed on the planet Madame Razz was hired as a nanny of sorts for the children in the Horde Academy. She loved them all so dearly but could no longer stand by and watch the Horde commit such atrocious acts. Her role in the Great Rebellion is invaluable.
Mermista hugs Spira and referring to her by code name, “Well hello Double Trouble! Good to see you! How did the plan go? Did Bow and Glimmer find out anything?” Mermista looks around hoping to see Glimmer and Bow walk in the clearing as well.

Double Trouble shakes her head, “Things have taken a turn for the worse. Hordak returned to the Fright Zone sooner than expected. I hate to say this, but Glimmer and Bow are now held captive for real. I was unable to get them free once I found out that Hordak was back.” Perfuma gasps eyes wide with concern, “Oh no. No! This is not good.”

Madame Razz twitches her nose and asks Spira, “What are we going to do dearie?” Spira sits down on a tree stump hanging her head, “I don’t know yet Madame Razz. I’m not sure what Hordak has in store for our friends. It won’t be good though.” Spira holds her head, recalling what it was like to see both Glimmer and Bow held captive in the throne room. She did nothing...

Perfuma throws her hands in the air, “Were they at least able to find Angella’s whereabouts? Surely there is something in our favor right?” Perfuma looks around at her friends hoping that there is still some hope. Mermista looks at Perfuma, “It doesn’t sound like there was any luck with that Perfuma.”

"Oh." Perfuma plops onto the ground and begins growing a rose from the grass. The ladies all look at each other with concern on their faces. How could this be happening? Haven't they suffered enough? Spira finally speaks, “We only have one choice. We have to save them.”

Perfuma is confused, “But Spira, you can’t risk giving up your double identity.” Spira shakes her head, “No one will know that I’m double the trouble. You are going inside the Fright Zone to save Glimmer and Bow." Perfuma gasps again, "By myself? I don't think that is a good idea." Mermista laughs and rolls her eyes, "I think Double Trouble means the both of us."

Spira nods in agreement, "Yes, both of you will be going. Madame Razz you stick around here and help the other rebels. I’ll find a way to sneak you both in and save Glimmer and Bow without anyone being the wiser. My status as a spy will also go unnoticed.”

Mermista grabs Spira’s hand, “Are you sure this can work?” The plan sounded risky. Spira nods, “Yes. We will save our friends and ensure that the Rebellion succeeds in overthrowing the Horde once and for all.” They had to. If not there'd be nothing left for them.

Next time…

Double Trouble, Mermista, and Perfuma launch their plan to save Bow and Glimmer…
Glimmer’s life is in grave danger…
Adora comes face to face with a mysterious stranger…


  1. Dear Diary of a Dorkette Adora's

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  2. You are very kind to say such things. I am thankful for your comment!