Friday, March 9, 2012

Trashy or Timeless? Emma Frost

Dear readers, it is that time again. The moment where I ask the hard hitting questions... Is this toy trashy? Or timeless? Today we are going to look at the Marvel Legend's Emma Frost from Hasbro. Now Emma Frost is an interesting comic character. But let us remember that a character's backstory can not be used against them. If we were to look at Emma Frost for all her transgressions it could be a pretty simple case of, "Lady, you are trashy. Plain and simple."

Emma Frost has gone from venomous villain to questionable hero. Emma is a mutant with powers of telepathy and, most recently, the ability to change her body into a living diamond. She packs both mental and physical punches with ease. Her costumes have ranged from fancy corsetry to what appeared to be duck tape across her chest at the turn of this century. (What was she thinking?) She comes from impeccable breeding and enjoys a lot of man eating. Seriously Emma has had more lovers than Erica Kane and Elizabeth Taylor combined.

Of course nothing can quite compare to her role in the psychic affair with the very married Scott Summers (aka Cyclops.) Scott was married to the very much alive Jean Grey, and Emma had some major guts to go after Scott. For the uninitiated Jean Grey can snap and go cray in a millisecond thanks to the powers of the Phoenix. Homegirl ate a star for shits and giggles. Jean has come back from the dead more times than any soap character and Zombie Jesus combined. Having an affair with Jean Grey's husband is not to be taken lightly, ok?

So anyways Jean is currently dead and now Emma is running around as the new lady of the manor, or rather the mutant haven island called Utopia. Needless to say I love Emma Frost. I loved her when she was the White Queen of the Hellfire Club and I love her as a main member of the X-Men. She gives good comebacks and I can relate to her. Ages ago I dove in head first to my twenties not even sure where I was going to land, and in that process I certainly made some crazy mistakes like Emma has. I just wish I could also turn into a diamond form like her. I'd be my own best friend.

Anyways Emma Frost quickly became a popular fixture in the Marvel Universe and it was only a matter of time before she got the royal figure treatment. Once Hasbro took on the Marvel Legends line from Toybiz, Emma Frost became a priority. Released in the first series of Hasbro ML, Emma Frost had many fans in a tizzy. And not for the reasons you would think. Let's take a look at Emma Frost:

As you can see Emma Frost does look a 'lil malnourished. She could use a #2 value meal at McDonalds, but whatever. On a side note isn't it kinda funny when famous people try to help feed the malnourished children of the world, when they themselves look like they are starving? Anyways this figure is meant to channel how Emma Frost currently looks. Gone is the duck taped "X" across her chest and instead she is sporting a bralette and skin tight pants with flowing cape. Can I just say that Emma was doing the whole cape thing long before Gwyneth stepped out in one at the Oscars. That's called making a trend and delivering, ok? All in all this wasn't an awful figure.

Until you really looked up close at her head. Setting aside the loud makeup let's look at the shape of her head. It just seems so... tiny. Her neck looks like it once wore a stack of those deadly bangles and that head, well it appears that she was in the process of getting squished in a vice. That or the witch doctor from Beetlejuice sprinkled some some head shrinking powder on her. This is not a "becoming" look.

So what is the verdict? This version of Emma Frost is hands down TRASHY! Because of that damn blasted tiny head! Who wants that? Emma has made a few appearances in action figure form and they have all been great. This one just looks tragic. Emma Frost is the White Queen! She deserves a figure that looks intimidating, not something that needs a trip to the drive thru with a side of head transplant.

However there is hope. No, not Hope Summers, but actually hope. After ending the line in 2009, Hasbro has brought Marvel Legends back and they are better than ever. Also, word on the street is that the fabulous toy giant is going to remake a Marvel Legend Emma Frost. By the goddess, that is what makes a business great! I love that Hasbro is basically like, "Yeah, we kinda goofed on Emma the first time around. To make up for that we will be bringing the fans a better, more badass version." I have all my fingers crossed that we will see a much more improved Emma.

Let's compare Emma Frost to a new 2012 Hasbro Marvel Legend, Hope Summers: a huge difference right? Hope looks great. The proportions make sense, nothing looks like it is shrinking away. I want to see a new Emma Frost have some detailing. I want her to look awesome.  

If we look at Hope's head we can see how far Hasbro has come on their sculpting practices with the Marvel Legends line. The head looks like a normal size. This fiery red head is not malnourished! And with the upcoming Avengers Vs. X-Men storyline, she may even be the key to Jean Grey coming back from the dead, yet again! (Fingers crossed. Emma can totally have Scott. Jean and Wolverine have long been needing a moment.) Sign me up, this story is gonna be a bumpy ride!

And Emma, I am truly sorry about your Hasbro Marvel Legend figure getting the trashy vote. Thankfully you have had other successful action figures made. What would the dorkette community do without variants? Besides, you are Emma Frost! That character development alone makes you timeless no matter who you have a psychic affair with. 

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