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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 3

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Adora’s Search for Honor
Part 1
Chapter 3

Previously: Adora received a visit from a mysterious woman, which could have been real or all in a dream. Adora also tried to answer some questions about the Horde and the invasion on Eternia. Glimmer put up a strong fight against the interrogation from the Horde. She also nearly lost her life in the Pit, but was saved by Mermista, Bow, and Perfuma. The Rebels were able to escape thanks to Adora’s hesitation in capturing her old friends and Spira colliding with a lean and mean Catra in panther form. Afterwards Hordak demanded the Horde members to tell him how the Rebels were able to get away…

Chapter 3

Adora drags herself into her room and plops onto her bed. She has just left Hordak’s throne room where a lengthy inquisition about the Rebel’s escape took place. Surprisingly enough, no one had fallen down the trap door. Adora looks at herself in the mirror and realizes she needs some sleep. As she is about to head off to slumber, she hears the unmistakable sound of heels tapping across the floor, heading ever closer to her room.

Adora groans to herself, “What does Catra want this time?” Catra throws open Adora’s door and rushes into the room, “You need to explain yourself!” Rolling her eyes, Adora gets out of her bed and calmly asks, “Explain what Catra? It is late. We are all tired, just go to bed.”

Catra screams and knocks Adora’s bookshelf to the ground. Books and items are all over the place, “You filthy mess! How could you let them get away? This is your entire fault!” Adora stands in her room full of shock, “My fault? Tell me why it is my fault that the Rebels managed to get away.” Catra points a finger at Adora, “I saw you. I saw your reaction when Bow and those half-wits rounded the corner. You froze. You seemed uncertain about what you should do. Your inability to do what is expected of being a Force Captain gave the Rebels a chance to escape!”

Shaking her head, Adora rubs her temple, “They were going to escape no matter what. They had a plan. Catra, you are being unreasonable.” Ready for round two, Catra crosses her arms, “What is unreasonable is that you fail as the Head Force Captain, and Hordak still does nothing. You give your story to Hordak, looking like such a fool, and Hordak does nothing. Not even a slap on the wrist. Of course, I am not surprised. You always get your way with Hordak.” Knowing what this is really about Adora rolls her eyes, “Not again. I’m not having this conversation with you.” Bending down to pick up some of her items, Adora realizes that being near Catra's feet may not be a good idea. She quickly stands.

Catra gets louder, “Oh yes you will Adora! I am so tired of Hordak constantly treating you like you are some sort of princess. Giving you whatever you want, even though you don’t deserve a damn thing!” Adora remains calm, “I am not a princess Catra. I do not sit around hoping to be treated like one either. And whatever Hordak has given me, I have earned.”

Catra laughs and purrs, “Oh you are out of your mind. He hands over everything to you.”Adora looks up at Catra. She never would have thought that Catra would be so jealous, “What does he give to me, that he has not given to others?”

Catra’s eyes widen, “He gave you the role of Head Force Captain. Without a care in the world, he granted you that position, when we all know other people worked hard for that title.” Adora is slightly angry, “Catra, we all worked for that position, and I earned it. You are in second rank, what is so wrong with that?” Nothing has ever made sense between the two women. Ever since they were young, Catra has always been annoyed with Adora.

Moving on to her next point Catra points near Adora's bed, “And then there is your sword.”

Thrown off gaurd, Adora interrupts, “My sword?” Looking at her sword with a lone jewel encrusted above the handle, Adora becomes even further confused.

The question riles up a great deal of annoyance with Catra. She is fuming, “Ever since we were children we grew up knowing how important that sword was to Hordak. For years we were told how one day he’d give that sword to someone truly deserving of it. And he gave it to you. He just gave it to you. No reason. No pause. He just handed over the sword.”

Adora is angry and picks up her sword brandishing it in front of Catra, “You are upset about this? This is just a sword! Do you want it? Take it Catra! It is a sword!!! Who cares that the sword meant something to Hordak! There are countless things that mean something to Hordak, half of which he tosses down the trap door! Why do you insist on holding these grudges? If I’m not mistaken Hordak gave you that powerful mask that transforms you into a panther. It is not like you have gone without!”

Catra glares, “That is not the point. I am tired of you being “Perfect Adora.” I’m sick of Hordak always thinking there is something special about you. When I look at you all I can feel is hate.” The two women stare at each other. This is the first time that Catra has ever been that honest. Sure, Adora isn't terribly surprised by these words, yet she never thought she'd hear them. The look in Catra's eyes sends chills down Adora's spine. Catra looks crazed.

Adora steps back, “Wow. We are never going to be close are we? I remember growing up with you. Before Bow and the others, it was just you and me. I used to think we were like sisters, and that we’d grow up being so close. Especially with the way we were raised by Hordak and Shadow Weaver. We were always taught to stick together,” Adora shakes her head, “But that will never be will it? Your jealousy and hatred towards me will last forever.”

Catra grins, “You are correct Adora. Forever is a very long time.” Knowing that she has been the least bit unsettling makes Catra feel better.

Finding herself finished with the outbursts Adora speaks, “Well you have said your peace. Now please leave.”

Victorious in her obscenity, Catra smirks, “Fine by me. Don’t forget though Adora, I saw your reaction with those Rebels. Next time I would behave more like a Head Force Captain and not someone caught showing emotion.” It is Adora's turn to be rude, “Because you know all about containing your emotions, right Catra?”

Glaring at the blonde Force Captain, Catra turns leaving Adora’s room. As she turns around the doorway Catra bumps into Spira and calls out, “Goodness do you ever pay attention to where you walk?” Spira says innocently, “Sorry Catra!”

Catra looks at Spira. Recalling the Rebels escape, “That makes two times tonight that you have collided with me. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you are running into me on purpose.” Spira calmly chuckles, “That is right Catra. I am making it a goal to get in your way.” Catra snaps, “You should make it a point to stay out of my way.”

Spira walks right up to Catra and stares her down, “Or what Catra? I’m not scared of you.” Brushing her hair to side and glaring at Spira, Catra laughs, “You should be. Spira, you are a third rank Force Captain. I can destroy you. Then again, trash like you should be used to being third rank.” Spira speaks back, “I really hope one day someone de-claws you Catra. I’ll be certain to be in the front row.”

Catra is about to strike Spira when she notices that Spira is wearing her Force Captain suit, “Why are you dressed in your suit? It is late.”

Spira looks down at her uniform before looking at Catra, “Not that it is any of your business, but I am taking some Horde Troopers with me and we are making some late night rounds to see if we can find any of the escaped Rebels. I spoke with Hordak about the idea after everyone left his throne room. Hopefully the Rebels are still out there trying to reach their hideout.” Finding that a useful idea Catra nods, “Good. So stop being in my way and see if you can find them!” Spira rolls her eyes and walks off to meet up with the Horde Troopers…


Meanwhile on another part of Etheria, Glimmer, Mermista, Bow, and Perfuma make their way into the Whispering Winds. Glad to be away from the terrors of the Fright Zone the Rebels walk through the magical forest making their way to Brightmoon. Mermista speaks up, “It is nice to be in a safe place.” Nodding in agreement Glimmer whispers, “I know. Thank you for saving us.” Mermista smiles and reaches out for Glimmer's hand. They had all been involved in a stunt that could have been their demise. Perfuma pipes up, “Well I would say it was no big deal, but you were all there so you know the truth!”

Bow looks over at Glimmer, “How are you doing?” Out of everyone Glimmer almost lost the most. Pausing and doing a mental check Glimmer, “I think I am alright. I still can’t believe I was almost lowered into that ooze. Sadly I now have to tell everyone that we were unable to find any information about my mother’s whereabouts.” Glimmer shakes her head and sighs. The plan had been so simple. When would she get a break?

Reaching out Bow touches Glimmer’s arm, “Glimmer you did everything you could. We had no idea that Hordak would be returning when he did. You just need to relax and breathe for a moment. You almost died tonight.” The statement causes Glimmer to tremble. She had almost died. Looking up Glimmer sounds stronger than she feels, “Stopping to relax would seem like a smart thing to do, but I don’t know how. I’m so worried about my mother and Kowl. The other members of the Rebellion are losing their faith in us. We are losing supplies and having a hard time taking care of everyone. I am an incredibly lousy leader. My mother would know what to do if she were here.” Wanting to break down, Glimmer takes a deep breath and keeps walking. Tears could flow later.

Pausing Bow grabs Glimmer and looks into her eyes, “Glimmer, stop talking like that. You are doing the best that you can. Queen Angella was such a great leader because she had plenty of time to learn and grow as a leader. You were thrust into the role of leader after the Horde took her away. There is still a lot you are learning, but I am sure she would be proud of the job you are doing. Don’t give up now, we all need you.” Bow hugs Glimmer. Missing her family hits Glimmer and tears begin forming in her eyes, “Thank you Bow. It really helps to hear that.”

The group stops walking once Madame Razz walks up and interrupts, “Hello dearies!” Letting go of Bow, Glimmer rushes and hugs Razz, “Oh Madame Razz I am so glad to see you!” Hugging Glimmer back, Madame Razz smiles, “Me too dearie. We got a surprise visitor. Actually make that a few surprise visitors.” Glimmer looks at Madame Razz, “What do you mean?”

Looking at the tired Rebels Madame Razz says, “Castaspella is here. She helped bring some villagers into the Whispering Woods, the villagers were seeking refuge. Come on, I’ll let Casta explain.” Glimmer looks at Bow, “About that breathing and relaxing? You were saying?” The two smile at each other.

Glimmer, Bow, Mermista, and Perfuma follow Madame Razz to an area of the woods that becomes a small clearing. This clearing is where the members of the Rebellion congregate and meet whenever Glimmer has something important to say. Beyond the clearing is Castle Brightmoon, where the Rebels live. It is a small castle tucked away in the Whispering Woods. It has been Glimmer's home her whole life.

Castaspella walks up to her friends. An enchantress with great knowledge in the magical arts, Castaspella resides in Mystacor, a small kingdom of mages. Mystacor is an area that is of great interest to the Horde; however Castaspella has pretended to be a neutral party so that the Horde cannot actively invade and own the land, yet. Castaspella has always been on the side of the Rebellion. Mermista and Perfuma say their hellos to Castaspella. Bow gives Casta a hug.

Glimmer greets Casta and asks what has happened. Looking around, Glimmer notices that Casta broght a good number of people with her. Castaspella tells her story, “I was contacted by a friend of mine who was able to magically 'see' that there was a group of people in danger. Apparently the sea side village of Poft out to the west had been attacked and demolished by the Horde. A lot of lives were lost, but a few of the villagers were able to escape and they made the long trek to the Whispering Woods. My friend could “see” where they were located and some mages and I met the villagers and led them here.”

Glimmer is thankful. The Rebel princess is not entirely sure how the Rebellion can keep supplying more resources, but being able to survive the Horde is something to be grateful about, “Thank you so much Casta for bringing the villagers. I know it is difficult to sneak away from Mystacor, especially with the Horde keeping a close eye on all movement around your kingdom. We will take really good care of the villagers.”

Castaspella nods and looks over at a group of survivors huddled close together, “Oh I am certain you will. Also, some of the villagers were helping to carry one young woman. She was badly injured during the raid on the village. She has yet to awaken, but she is still breathing.” Bow speaks up, “We will take her to the healer in Brightmoon immediately.” Perfuma nods, “Minwu is an excellent healer; he will be able to take good care of her.”

Perfuma walks towards the group of villagers and introduces herself. Looking down at the sleeping beauty Perfuma remarks how lovely her hair looks with varying shades of pink and purple. A few people help deliver the injured young woman to Brightmoon.

Castaspella looks at her remaining friends, “Any word on where Queen Angella is?” Glimmer shakes her head, “No, not yet.” Everyone is silent. Castaspella soon speaks with sad news, “I wish I could stay to further help. My mages and I must be returning to Mystacor soon though. I worry that the Horde may notice my absence and there is no telling what that could mean. Good luck Glimmer, and let me know if you ever need help.” Castaspella says her goodbyes to everyone and Glimmer gives her thanks. As Castaspella leaves, Spira arrives from another part of the Whispering Woods. Walking towards the clearing, Spira smiles.

Glad to see her friends Spira looks at everyone, “I see you all made it back safely. Where is Perfuma?” Mermista answers quickly, “She went to Brightmoon, she’ll be back.” Bow is surprised to see Spira, “How are you even here right now?”

Spira smiles, “Hordak thinks I and a few Horde Troopers are out looking for you all, which obviously isn’t that far from the truth. I happened to get separated from the Horde Troopers though. They are probably on their way back to the Fright Zone. I needed to make sure you all had made it back.” Happy to see that everyone is alright, Spira smiles to herself.

Glimmer thanks her and shares how everyone is, “Yes we are here in one piece. Castaspella helped lead some villagers here from a Horde attack, they have lost everything.” Glimmer catches Spira up to speed. Spira recalls that the Horde had plans for the town called Poft. Hordak wanted to unleash a new weapon. Before talking of a new topic Spira looks at her friends, "I am sorry that this all happened. Glimmer, Bow, I never wanted you to be captured. Glimmer, if anything had happened to you..." Glimmer lowers her head and holds onto her cousin's hands, "Spira, you should not be apologizing. You risk your life every day spying on the Horde, what you do is more dangerous than what we just went through." Glimmer hugs Spira.

During the experience Bow notices that Mermista seems upset, he asks how she is. Mermista shakes her head, “I am alright. We've just been through so much. These poor people from Poft have been through something terrible. They have lost everything.” Bow looks at Mermista, he knows she must be thinking of the family she lost. The family she never knew. He asks, “Are you thinking about Crystal Falls?”

Mermista smiles slightly, “You know me to well Bow. Yes I am.” Mermista has reason to believe that her family once lived underneath Crystal Falls. After Mermista, Bow, and Perfuma ran from the Horde Academy they eventually joined the Rebellion. While touring Etheria Mermista and her friends came across the Crystal Falls. Mermista then found an abandoned undersea kingdom at Crystal Falls. Through the various sea weed writings that Mermista found she has firmly believed that her father was king of the mer-people and that they were killed by the Horde. Mermista has never been able to prove this information; however it is the only explanation that makes sense. Visiting the Crystal Falls every now and has proven to be special for Mermista.

Glimmer asks her friends, “So what should happen next?” Spira speaks up, “I think you should address the Rebellion.” Glimmer nods in agreement. Excusing herself, Glimmer decides exactly how she will talk to people who are struggling to survive...

Moments later after Bow and Spira have called various members of the Rebellion to gather in the clearing, Glimmer still thinks about what she wants to say to the Rebellion. Before she talks to them she thinks of her mother and hopes she is able to make Angella proud.

Glimmer speaks, “Members of the Rebellion. There are many things I wish to discuss with you all, some things are joyous and others are a reminder that we still have a long way to go in ending the Horde’s reign of oppression over Etheria. The joyous news is that earlier tonight Bow and I escaped with our lives from the Fright Zone with the help of Double Trouble, Mermista, and Perfuma. Sadly our initial reason for being in the Fright Zone proved unsuccessful. We were unable to find any information to where the Horde has been keeping Queen Angella and Kowl. It has been a couple of years since their capture, and we can only hope that they are still alive.”

Glimmer fights back tears and continues, “Since the capture of my mother, the Rebellion has faced many hardships. I want you all to know that I will continue the dedication that my mother had for the Rebellion. We are in ever increasing numbers. Earlier the enchanting Castaspella arrived with survivors from the village Poft. The Rebellion will continue to be a safe haven for those whose lives have been forever altered by the Horde. Please welcome these new members of the Rebellion. Together we can all stand against the Horde!”

A member of the Rebellion shouts out, “What about food?”

Another member jumps in, “Yeah! We are hungry!”

Glimmer raises her hand, “Please, listen. I know times are scary. I know that we have dwindling resources and supplies. I am working to find ways to have enough food for the ever rising additions to the Rebellion. We will catch up. Strength will be restored. Our lives will not continue in such dire circumstances, I promise you all. We must not give up. There is hope for all of us. I can feel it. I will be the guide that lights the way! For freedom. Please members of the Rebellion, we must stick together. If we do not, the Horde will pick us apart.”

After Glimmer’s speech, the core Rebellion group members meet together. Perfuma asks Glimmer, “How are you doing? It was a rough crowd.” Glimmer shrugs, “I am not even sure. I feel like I have lied to everyone. I have no idea how we are going to get out of this mess.”

Spira grabs Glimmer’s hand, “Do not worry. We are going to find Angella. More importantly I have some ideas on how to gather some resources so that the Rebellion can build up strength and energy.”

Mermista makes an announcement, “I also have an idea as well. I am going to head to Crystal Falls in the morning. I intend to stay for a couple days, and I will try to bring back supplies. Surely there are things I can find for food and other resources.”

Glimmer looks at Mermista, thrilled with the idea, “Are you going to be ok on your own?” Mermista nods, “Yes. I just need to spend some time at Crystal Falls.”

Glimmer nods understanding how her friend must feel, so alone, “I understand. We will await your return.” The rebels continue to discuss their hopes and dreams for their future on Etheria. Hopefully a bright one...


The next day arrives and with a new day brings new missions. Catra, Mantenna, and Grizzlor along with a group of Horde Troopers prepare to make a landing at Castle Chill. They are visiting Frosta. Hordak is not planning on giving up with his plans to capture the Kingdom of Snows. The Horde members walk through the castle gates and head towards Frosta’s throne room.

Catra growls, “Oh I detest Castle Chill. It is so cold. I do not understand why Hordak even cares about this wretched place.” Frosta steps out of a room in front of the Horde members and interrupts, “This wretched place is far classier than the likes of you Catra. Now explain why you’re here, quickly please. I’m awaiting an early meal.”

A hungry Grizzlor licks his lips, “Oh a meal?” Frosta grimaces, “I won’t have enough room at the table.” Frosta heads to her main throne room where she tends to keep an audience.

Catra jumps in, “We are here on business. Hordak was displeased with your attitude regarding the topic of surrender. He isn’t giving up.” Frosta stops to turn and rolls her eyes. Waving her hands Frosta gives an insincere pout, “Oh the poor dear. He certainly has every right to continue trying; however I am not going to change my mind.”

Being very serious Catra purrs, “Empress Frosta, I would not take this lightly. Hordak would like you to surrender to the Horde for your protection.”

Frosta laughs and points at Grizzlor, “And I would like that fur ball to not shed on the floor. Now as I have told Adora and you all numerous times I do not need any protection. So bringing all these Horde Troopers as a show of might was really a waste.” Crossing her arms Frosta looks at Catra with annoyance. Having never really liked Catra, Frosta finds this new visit even more difficult to deal with.

Catra continues preparing to press all the wrong buttons, “Actually that is not what I heard. My sources have told me that a lot of people are leaving this castle and finding safety elsewhere. Some are saying that Castle Chill’s defenses aren’t what they used to be.”

Not interested in giving into Catra's games, Frosta laughs, “I assure you Castle Chill’s defenses are impeccable. Speaking of sources I’ve heard that the Horde is very busy trying to control Etheria under the guise of protection. When in all honesty the Horde’s true motives are far more sinister. This bit of news is leading me to believe that the Horde is actually a bigger threat than the Rebellion.” Frosta is clever and is very much aware of what the Horde is doing to Etheria. Frosta is also aware that her statements will drive Catra insane.

Catra is annoyed, “Where did you hear that?” Frosta wags her finger, “Now darling, I don’t go around giving up my sources.”

Warning Frosta Catra crosses her arms and tisks, “I’d be careful Frosta. All this talk of the Horde being a bigger threat than the Rebellion could make you look like a sympathizer. As you know sympathizing with the Rebellion could be considered an act of war, in which case Hordak would have just cause for taking over Castle Chill.”

Frosta is appalled, “How dare you! Do not step foot into my castle and prepare such threats about what Hordak will or won’t do. I have long been a neutral party in all matters. Threatening me with war is a huge mistake, one that I would think twice about spewing out again you cow.”

Catra grins, “Oh Frosta, that attitude does not look very good on you.”

Frosta bites back, “And that hideous red skirt does not look very good on you. Catra, you look absolutely freezing, maybe next time you should wear a nice furry black skirt with matching tail? That way when escorted off the grounds you will truly leave with your tail between your legs.”

Feeling victorious Catra shakes her head, “I see this will be going nowhere. Just remember Frosta that the Horde can help you or become your worst nightmare.”

Shrugging towards Catra, Frosta smiles sweetly, “I could care less. I am famished though, and would like to enjoy my meal. It has been delightful to see you all, give Hordak my best! I do look forward to the next visit!” Frosta says oozing sarcasm as she exits towards the dining room while the Horde members quickly leave.

Mantenna catches up to a fuming Catra, “Whoa Catra! That went by quicker than I thought it would! Frosta really let you have it! You have to admit that part about the furry black skirt was pretty good though!” Mantenna is not usually the best with words. Catra turns to her insectoid colleague, “Oh hush up you bug eyed fool! Out of my way! That icy slag is lucky; we could’ve ripped this castle down.” Mantenna and Grizzlor both nod in agreement.

Pausing to look around the icy environment Catra calls out, “She did say something interesting though. I want to find out who her source is. Someone is feeding information to the Empress, and I plan on finding out whom.” Full of curiosity Grizzlor asks, “What will you do then Catra?” Snarling, Catra replies, “I will personally make the Empress pay.” The Horde members leave, with some Horde Troopers left behind to look over Castle Chill...


Back at the Fright Zone, Spira sneaks into the chamber leading to her room. She had stayed overnight in the Whispering Woods, which she knew could get her into trouble if caught. While Spira thinks about her friends and the evening they all had she is really caught off guard when Hordak is waiting in her room. Spira jumps, “Hordak! What a surprise!” Having no clue why he is waiting for her, Spira tried to compose herself.

Hordak stands up, “Hello Spira. I thought I’d wait for you. You never came back last night. When the Troopers returned without you I was concerned the Rebels may have turned you into a prisoner.” Spira stands there blankly, “I was not a prisoner.”

Hordak looks at her, “Then tell me my dear, where were you then?” Spira answers as calmly as possible, “I got separated from the Horde Troopers. We were on the outskirts of the Fright Zone and I thought there was a potential lead on the Rebels. The Troopers went around and I got separated from them.”

Full of more questions Hordak shakes his head, “Why not head back to the Fright Zone?” Spira cautiously continues, “Honestly I did not want to disappoint you Hordak. I searched through the outskirts and even walked through some nearby towns. After some point though I could go no further and rested under the stars. Once I awoke I headed back here. I'm sorry for not bringing the Rebels back.”

A bit skeptical Hordak continues, “Next time Spira I think it would be wise that you return immediately. From now on if you are going to leave the Fright Zone make sure that someone else accompanies you.”

Pausing Spira asks, “Hordak, have I done something wrong?” The Horde leader walks up to Spira grazing his fingers across her face, “Oh no my dear. I just want to make sure that my Horde members come back safely. I do not want anyone to risk their lives, especially if they get separated. You understand, don’t you?” Spira is slightly shaken, his hands could squeeze her neck if he wanted, “Yes, of course Hordak.”

Nodding, Hordak releases his hand and heads out of the room. Before he leaves he says one more thing, “By the way Spira, be sure to file a report detailing what happened late last night. I would like to see a written account.”

Spira nods in agreement. After Hordak leaves the room Spira stands against the wall clutching her chest and shaking. She has no idea what Hordak really thinks about her story…


Down the hall Adora is in her room looking over personal mementos from her past. One item is a drawn picture of Bow, Mermista, Perfuma, Catra, and Adora. They had taken personal time off from the Academy and went to a festival in a local town. An artist had wanted to capture the group. They had all been so happy, even Catra. “What happened to all of us?” Adora says to herself. Continuing to look at her mementos Adora hears a knock at her door.

“Come in.” Adora calls out. Spira walks in and Adora smiles, “Oh I’m glad it is you! How are things?”

Spira tells Adora about her run in with Hordak and how Spira was unable to find the Rebels last night. Adora can tell her friend is upset, “I’m sure you tried Spira. Don’t worry, Hordak more than likely wants his Force Captains to be alright.” Knowing the real nature of the Horde, Spira does not believe that. Pausing Spira asks a bold question, “Do you ever wonder though Adora, if Hordak is really trying to instill peace with Etheria?”

The question seems odd. Adora is confused, “Spira, why would you ask something like that?”

Shaking her head Spira says, “I am not sure why I asked that question. I just wonder what is really happening to this world. Is it hard for you to watch your friends as Rebels?” Spira is hoping for some shred of goodness from Adora. Believing that Adora still cares for her old friends, Spira wants to see Adora become a member of the Great Rebellion.

Adora looks at Spira. This is not the first time Adora has had this conversation with her friend, “I feel like we have been on this topic for awhile. Honestly Spira I do not know what to do. I want to share something with you, and I need to know that you can keep this in confidence.”Spira nods, “Of course you can Adora.” Continuing Adora is heartfelt and honest, “I really miss my friends. And I have no idea why I should be feeling this way, I just really miss everyone. Even though my friends decided to live as Rebels destroying people’s lives. I feel wrong for that...”

Spira takes hold of Adora’s hand, “I understand you miss your friends. However what if your friends weren’t as bad as you thought? What if we are the bad guys, the Horde?” Spira is walking a thin line. With eyes in shock Adora exclaims, “Spira! How can you say that! If anyone hears you they could think you are a sympathizer of the Rebellion! You can’t say something like that!”

The two continue to talk about the Rebels and what the fate may hold for Etheria, and unknown to Adora and Spira, Catra is eavesdropping on their conversation. After listening for awhile she slinks off toward Hordak’s chambers…


In another section of the Fright Zone Shadow Weaver and Hordak are talking in his chambers. Hordak asks, “How are things in the Horde Labs Shadow Weaver?” Lighting up with news Shadw Weaver rasps, “Wonderful Hordak. The first experiment has been a great help for me. His name is Multi Bot, and he has been monitoring the other lab experiments. He worked on the finishing touches for the creature named Modulok.”

Hordak smiles, “Was this the creature that was set loose on Poft?” Shadow Weaver nods, “Yes, he destroyed the sea side village, in a rather efficient manner.” With a happy smile Hordak claps his hands, “Excellent! I expect a statement to the public will be made explaining the destruction of the village?”

Shadow Weaver nods, “Yes Hordak. The official word is that Modulok is a new Horde weapon that was searching for Rebels and the Rebels put up a fight when asked to peacefully surrender.” Hordak responds, “Sounds excellent, did anyone survive?” Shaking her head just thinking of the body count, “No. There were no reports of any survivors.” The statement is thrilling for Hordak, “This Modulok creation sounds promising. I have plans for him. How is the Winged Warriors experiment?”

Discussing another experiment with great potential Shadow Weaver addresses the Winged Warriors project, “Multi Bot and I are having problems with the Winged Warriors. We cannot get them to survive past the cocoon stage. The human cells seem to interfere with the bonding of the insect samples. Once we have a prototype survive the process, it will be easier to replicate and create an entire winged army.” With an army of killing winged creatures, the Horde will finally be able to capture the remaining few kingdoms on Etheria.

“Shadow Weaver I am very impressed. Find a way to make the Winged Warriors survive and I will be sure to reward you. Now I need to talk with you about something else. It is about Adora, I am concerned we are losing her.” Hordak recalls a few experiences when the Horde recently visited Eternia. Shadow Weaver asks Hordak to explain further.

Hordak goes on, “Adora has been asking a lot of questions lately. It also seems as if she is feeling nostalgic about when she was younger. This is not good Shadow Weaver, especially when she has still been unable to unlock any sort of magic from her sword.” Fearing the answer Shadow Weaver asks the obvious question, “Are we even sure she is meant to unlock the ‘supposed’ magic of this sword?”

The question bothers Hordak, “Yes! 25 years ago when I had my fool apprentice kidnap her I made sure we had the sword as well. We had found information from that Sorceress woman that the King’s newborn children were given special swords. Shadow Weaver! If we don’t get Adora to unlock the secrets of her sword, it will delay the Horde’s plans.”

Shadow Weaver asks another personal question, “What about Eternia though? Did Adora feel anything about the sword and its power?” Shadow Weaver is aware of a few key pieces of information about Adora's history and connection to Eternia. Growing restless Hordak groans, “Adora felt nothing and why would she? She doesn’t know the truth about her role on Eternia. I was hoping though that being in Eternia would have woken some deep rooted knowledge of the sword. I am not sure how we will find out the true potential of the sword, though we must. Weaver, we are losing time.”

An idea occurs to Shadow Weaver, “Is it possible that we may not even need Adora to release the sword's magic? What if we are able to unlock it ourselves?” Hordak is about to answer when he spots Catra at the entrance to his chambers. “Yes Catra?” Hordak asks holding back is annoyance at being disturbed.

Catra walks in curious, “Hordak. Shadow Weaver. I have to talk to you about some things.”

Hordak nods as Catra continues, “Well Hordak, the visit to Castle Chill was unfortunate. The Empress is still fighting the idea of surrendering to the Horde. I left some Horde Troopers behind to monitor the area much like in Mystacor. I do recommend though that we use force.” Hordak agrees listening, “Duly noted Catra. I will take it into consideration. Anything else?”

“Yes Hordak. Lately I have had suspicions about a double agent in the Fright Zone.”

“A double agent? What do you mean?” Shadow Weaver asks. Catra's statement is not easy to hear.

Continuing Catra addresses her thoughts, “I do not have enough proof, however with your permission Hordak I would like to further look into my suspicions. If there is someone working against the Horde, action must be taken!”

Slightly believing her, Hordak nods, “I agree Catra. If someone is spying on the Horde we will deal with it. Find out whatever you can and when you do speak to me immediately. And let’s keep your suspicions to the three of us. Agreed?”

“Yes Hordak.” Catra says and leaves the chambers.

Shadow Weaver looks at Hordak, “Do you think what she says could be true?” Never has someone tried to spy on the Horde. If this were all true, Shadow Weaver is not sure she can even think about what that would mean.

Hordak shakes his head, “I am not sure. It could answer some things, there have been a few strange events unfolding around here. Let’s wait and see what Catra finds. If what she says is true... if there is a spy among the Horde… We will show them no mercy…”

Up next!
*Have you been wondering where Netossa is in Adora’s Search for Honor? Everyone is! And she’ll show up next…
*Adora finds out something huge that will change her life…
*Catra proves her suspicions…

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