Monday, March 19, 2012

Why aren't you watching?! Cougar Town

Ok, I know we are reeling with excitement from The Walking Dead season finale, and most of us are now gearing up for Mad Men's glorious 5th Season two hour return, but we need to talk about another show that I firmly believe everyone should be watching right now. If not, I just have to ask, why aren't you watching Cougar Town?!

In its third season, Cougar Town is a half hour comedy that follows an ensemble cast of characters living in sunny Florida. Courteney Cox plays Jules Cobb, sort of the main character out of the group. I have loved Courteney since her role as an earthling in the Masters of the Universe movie. Growing up I also followed her romantic dramas with Michael Keaton, remember that entanglement? However it was her gripping performance as a pushy reporter in the highly acclaimed Scream trilogy that made me want to watch just about anything she was in. (Love me some Gale Weathers!) Oh and she was also in a lil show called Friends. Some of you may have heard about it.

Cougar Town is a spot on show. There are always quirky plotlines and clever jokes, as well as "dirty" jokes that drive adults crazy for good TV. Don't let the name fool you, this show is not about a town of horny middle aged women eating a balanced diet of young virile men while drinking a lot of wine. Though there is a lot of wine drinking. In fact I wish I drank wine because they make it look like so much fun. Instead I just grab a Dr. Pepper and live dangerously as I watch the show every Tuesday night.

Currently the main story is revolving around Jules and her impending marriage to Grayson Ellis (Josh Hopkins.) The first season saw Jules looking for love in numerously wrong places and she eventually found it with her neighbor, Grayson. Some other important characters for you to know are Ellie and Andy Torres (Christa Miller and Ian Gomez.) They are a married couple that live next door to Jules and have known her forever. Ellie is prickly and we love her for that. Andy is super fun, especially when involved in group tomfoolery.

Laurie Keller (Busy Philipps) works with Jules as an assistant and really knows how to be funny trashy and I mean that in the best way possible. Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt) is Jules's ex-husband. He walks to his own beat and started the sensational group game, Penny Can! Bobby and Jules have a son named Travis (Dan Byrd) who is in college and trying to find his way.

Those are the main characters of the cul-de-sac crew. Trust me, if you have not started watching you need to start. These characters will draw you in and you will never want to leave, which is exactly what a good show is all about. I know a thing or two about good TV as I was practically raised off of the soap opera. In fact if it were up to me I'd crawl inside my TV to be even closer to the shows that I love. Except maybe The Walking Dead, I'm not about to be zombie food. So with yet another set of weirdness thrown out for the world to read, I am done. Watch Cougar Town!

P.S. Tomorrow's Toy Chest Tuesday is going to be fantastic. Since it will be so fantastic it may be posted earlier in the day or it may be posted later in the day. It's all a roll of the life-dice at this point, but make sure to check back!

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