Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why aren't you watching?! General Hospital

Before being carted off to public school with much protestation, my weekday television schedule as a young child consisted of the following, Sesame Street, some Phil Donahue, Young and the Restless with a brief stopover to Loving, followed by the Erica Chronicles (All My Children), next was my love One Life to Live, and finally General Hospital capped the day off. It was awesome. My mom was concerned that she was exposing me to a great deal of television, but I think I turned out alright... 

Of course my biggest reasons for loving GH through the years was Finola Hughes as Anna Devane. Anna Devane was tough as nails and I was so happy when she came back from the dead. GH and the Marvel Universe actually share a connection, Finola played Emma Frost in Generation X on Fox. Blonde wig and all! The other reason I loved GH was Lucy Coe (played by Lynn Herring.) My goodness Lucy was the reason I watched GH for so long. I wanted to grow up and be a man eating money hungry ball of feistiness decked out in a fantastic red wedding dress, just like her. I mean honestly, who didn't?

Sadly after a few years into the new century I kinda gave up on GH. I found myself sticking to the GH spinoff Port Charles (it had Lucy Coe and eventually vampires. Thank goodness for Michael Easton.) Amidst the increasing mob stories on GH I just got tired of ABC's oldest soap. Having grown up in an Italian family I have seen the Godfather trilogy more than I can count. Thanksgiving day would see my dad watching football and the Godfather on a loop. My family became obsessed with the Sopranos as if there was no other show on cable. Am I driving my point home? I am simply done with mob stories.

However times have changed. GH may still involve the mob in its storylines, thankfully though the writing has actually changed gears. The almighty Ron Carlivati (former OLTL head writer) is now at the helm of GH. And as I have mentioned before, some OLTL faves have crossed over to GH. Those scenes have been airing and can I just say, I am thrilled to be watching GH again! Starr may have lost her love Cole and baby Hope in a tragic car wreck, but my eyes were a full on water works display when I saw Blair and Todd interacting again! Their relationship is at a low point right now, but I have faith. It will get better!

So now that I have been watching, here are my own personal dreams for the new and improved GH!

1. More returning GH favorites- I want to see Lucy Coe back in action. I realize she won't be coming back as a vampire slayer like the good old PC days, but I don't care. I just want to see her back! I also want Skye Chandler Quartermaine to come back as well as some of the dead to return, which brings me to point number 2...

2. More crossover appeal- Crossovers only work when they make sense. And these crossovers would make perfect sense! (At least to me) Dr. David Hayward from AMC needs to head on over to General Hospital and start raising the dead. Honestly we all know that the burned body in the morgue is not Robin Scorpio. David has Robin somewhere and needs her help in recreating a large stash of his new drug Orpheus. Also, David could have had his hand in returning other GH folk from the grave, like Alan and Emily Quartermaine. Plus who wouldn't love an Anna Devane and David Hayward reunion?

But wait, there's more! Now that Connie/Kate may be having some multiple personalities, let's see Jessica Buchanan visit GH to help her through it somehow. Maybe Jessica became a leading public speaker on Dissociative Identity Disorder during OLTL's absence? Viki could stop by and visit Starr, offering her condolences and support. With John McBain returning I can only hope that Natalie will be close behind. Skye also needs to come back so that she can tango with Blair, and while we are at it Max Holden could arrive and maybe try to con Tracy Quartermaine or something. Give me some drama between Skye, Max and Blair! If only for a few episodes! Plus the ladies in Port Charles could really use a stylish lush doing their hair, enter the one and only Roxy Balsom! I could totally see Roxy opening a chain of Foxy Roxy Salons all over.

Finally I think Erica Kane would be perfect to be on GH. I know this sounds crazy but let's be real. Last we left Erica she was getting publicly dumped at a party where someone may or may not have been shot. She needs to move to a town where everyone and their mother gets shot every week. I kid, I kid. The reality is that Erica was wanting to make a movie about her life during the final episodes of AMC. What if she moved to Port Charles to get away from her life in Pine Valley to begin writing and possibly filming her movie? If we all recall she had a brief moment with Sonny in a "What if" vignette. I think it'd be great to see some chemistry spark up with Erica and Sonny...

3. Sonny must pay- Finally one of my biggest dreams for the the new GH is for Sonny to actually pay for his crimes. I want a big splashy trial where he may or may not be facing a lifetime sentence. I want it to be a dramatic reckoning for the mob man and after it is all said and done I do want him to walk free. If only to be done with the mob and finally deal with who he is as a man and what he is going to do with his life when he doesn't have to resort to violence everytime someone gets pissy. 

Anyways there are many other dreams and wishes I have for GH but the biggest one is for it to stay on the air. I can't face another soap cancellation. My dearly departed soaps are gone and what is on in AMC and OLTL's place? The Spew and The Revulsion. Just pathetic. So everyone seriously, why aren't you watching General Hospital? The show is damn good and deserves to stay on! The cast is talented. Alexis and Diane are hilarious. Sam has always been a favorite. I love the new Maxie. All the men on the show are easy on the eyes. Besides, I need to see some more Todd and Blair! So that's about it dear readers, and don't think I have forgotten about my custom soap Barbie dolls. I will be posting on that soon. I may be grasping straws on that one, but blame it on all the television I've watched. Until next time!

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