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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 2

Previously: Hordak and his soldiers returned to Etheria to find a surprise; Bow and Glimmer from the Rebellion had been “arrested” by force captain Spira. Spira (code name Double Trouble) is actually a spy for the rebellion and now has to find a way to save her friends with the help of other rebels (Mermista and Perfuma). Adora traveled to Castle Chill to try and persuade Frosta to surrender to the Horde, for Frosta’s protection. Frosta was not interested.

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 1
Chapter 2

Adora is sleeping in her room, a simple room with minimal items present including a small table and mirror and a tiny book case. Next to the tiny book case is a chest with clothing and mementos from Adora’s younger years in the Horde Academy. Adora rolls over on her bed and slowly opens her eyes upon hearing her name. Pulling her blonde hair out of her face Adora sits up, this time hearing her name loud and clear.


Adora looks around and is immediately concerned; she is no longer in her living quarters. Instead she finds herself in a room made of greenish gray stone. She looks around and stands up, rubbing her eyes. “What is going on?”


Adora calls out, “Hello? Is someone there? I do not recognize your voice.” Adora gets up and walks towards a door. Opening the door she peers into a long hallway. She reaches for her sword and cannot find it. She is no longer in the Fright Zone. “Where am I? Am I dreaming?”

“You are dreaming and yet you are not.” The voice is behind Adora. Turning around Adora stands face to face with a remarkably beautiful woman. This woman has blue and orange feathered wings and a pure white headdress that resembles a bird of some sort. Adora speaks in disbelief, “What have you done to my room. Is this some sort of magic trick you have placed on me?”

The woman shakes her head, “No. I have wanted to talk to you for a very long time. My, you have become a beautiful young woman Adora.” The strange woman's eyes look at Adora, roaming and searching. Adora feels uncomfortable, “You say that as if you know me. Am I supposed to know you? What is your name?”

Quickly and seemingly without effort the mysterious woman glides towards Adora and says, “You need not worry about my name. Just know that I am here to help you. You are in danger Adora.” The words sound so serious. Adora looks at the woman, “Danger? I am not in any danger, what are you talking about? None of this makes any sense.”

“It will soon enough. We haven’t much time, I will explain more soon. For now trust your heart Adora and listen to what it tells you. Good bye.”

Adora jumps up from her bed. Her heart is beating fast. Quickly looking around at her surroundings, Adora realizes she is back in her room. She looks over at herself in the mirror and wonders what just happened. Pausing, she asks herself, “What did she mean by trust my heart?”

Pondering her “dream” for awhile Adora proceeds to follow her routine of getting ready for the day. While brushing her hair Adora gets a visit from Spira. Glad to see her friend Adora smiles, wlecoming Spira in the room. Spira joined the Horde a few years ago and bonded instantly with Adora. The two always find time to talk about what was going on in the Fright Zone and they have genuinely helped each other out of rough situations.

“How are you Adora?” Spira asks.

“I’m doing alright Spira, trying to catch up on rest.” Recalling the odd experience during the night, Adora stays quiet, addressing another topic. The two discuss various events occurring in the Fright Zone. Adora discusses how she needs to see her noble steed Spirit, and change his exercise routine for the day. Spira brings up how Shadow Weaver nearly removed Grizzlor’s fur with magic for interrupting her in the Horde Labs. The two laugh.

Adora soon asks Spira a question, “Spira, how were you able to capture the Rebels?” Adora has many questions about Bow and Glimmer being held captive. For so long members of the Rebellion had been elusive from the Horde. Spira lies, “Well it was rather easy. I was at a town doing some rounds when I heard from some townspeople that there were rebels threatening a Horde Trooper. I eventually found the rebels and after an intense chase they were captured.” Spira says some more information to embellish upon a made up story, but what she would really like to say is how her plan was to help her friends, and now her friends may die.

“Wow Spira. That is amazing. What do you think will happen to them?” The question causes Spira to pause, “I’m not sure. From what I understand Hordak is going to try to gather information from them. Afterwards he’ll probably dispose of them.” Adora’s eyes widen in surprise.

Spira looks at Adora's face. She is curious and follows up with her own question, “What do you think of that Adora? I know you were close to Bow once." Adora looks beyond Spira and smiles remembering the past, “That seems like so long ago. We were so close. All of us. Oh the fun we all had Spira. Even Catra! As surprising as it is, even Catra had fun with us. Bow was always making us laugh; in fact he is the only one who could get Catra to crack a smile.”

Spira grins, “Catra can smile? I have heard everything now. Of course that makes sense as to why Catra wanted Hordak to give Bow a second chance.” Adora nods, “Oh I see. Yes, Catra always had a soft spot for Bow. She could be quite moody, but Bow was always there to include her with all of us. I would try too, but as you know, Catra has not always been a fond of me.”

Spira notices that Adora seems sad about the topic of conversation. Spira wonders how Bow being locked away is really effecting Adora. Spira isn't sure how far she can pry, “Let’s change the subject shall we? I have another question for you. What happened on Eternia? No one seems to want to talk about it, especially Hordak.”

Adora looks at Spira, “It was the strangest experience I have ever had. Spira, I don’t even know where to begin. None of us had any idea as to why we were going there. Our only bit of information was that Hordak has been there before.”

“What did the world look like?” Spira instantly wonders if Eternia shares any similarities with Etheria.

“Oh Spira, it was beautiful. Not exactly like Etheria, but still beautiful nonetheless. The thing was that something felt strange about being there, almost as if there was some pull. I felt very compelled to stay.”

Spira looks at Adora, “Do you think you’ll ever go back?” Adora shakes her head, “No. I don’t think the Horde will be welcome there for some time, if ever. The people of Eternia were not pleased to see us. There was this group of people, they called themselves the ‘Masters of the Universe,’ a slightly arrogant title if you ask me, but they were all very strong. Especially one man, they all called him He-Man. He was so incredibly powerful. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Adora continues, “Oh and then there was this other group of people. They resembled some of the Horde members we work with. Their leader was absolutely strange. He had blue skin, but his face, oh goodness Spira his face! It was scarred or something, because I looked close and I could see his skull. He had a skull for a face!”

Spira gasps, “Adora that sounds terrible.” Nodding in agreement Adora goes on, “It was awful. Here is where it gets even weirder though. Spira, I am highly certain that Hordak knew this man, they called him Skeletor. The anger that they both had between each other was very evident. I know we have all seen Hordak angry, but this was so different. It was chilling.”

“Well I am just glad you are back Adora. Do you think we will ever know what Eternia and this Skeletor guy means to Hordak?” Spira asks. Adora says, “I don’t know. I intend to ask Hordak though.”

The ladies look up and notice Mantenna at the door. Adora smiles at Mantenna. Out of all the members of the Horde, Mantenna has been the nicest to Adora. Everyone else has usually followed Catra’s lead and been quite distant. Adora likes her fellow Horde Members; she thinks they are all incredible fighters; however they view Adora as Hordak’s “favorite.” This is all thanks to Catra’s attitude.

Mantenna speaks up, “Hello Adora. Your umm, hair looks nice today.” Adora smiles knowing that her hair is still slightly disheveled and needs more brushing, “Thank you Mantenna. Is everything ok?”

Mantenna continues, “Hordak would like a word with you in his chambers.”

Adora nods and parts ways with Spira and Mantenna. She walks to Hordak’s chambers and further reminisces about her youth in the Horde Academy. Adora knows that Bow should be held in a cell; after all he left to join the Great Rebellion, a group of people who cause disrupt peace across Etheria. However she is sad that their lives have become so vastly different, but why are they so different? Trust your heart... Adora thinks about Madame Razz and what she would say about everyone’s choices. Madame Razz had provided a grandmotherly role for the student’s in the Academy, she made sure everyone was up on their studies and was always there to provide advice or an ear to listen. Adora feels tears in her eyes as she remembers the day when Hordak told her that Madame Razz had been killed by a Rebel attack. So many things had changed…

Adora enters Hordak’s chambers, “Hordak, you asked to speak with me?”

Hordak grins, “Yes my dear Adora. I want to check in on things, see how you are doing. I never got the chance to talk with you about Eternia and your visit to Castle Chill. How are you with everything you experienced?”

“I am tired Hordak, but I am doing fine. The people on Eternia exhausted our resources and energies. If you don’t mind my asking, what was our true purpose for being on Eternia? I am trying to make sense of what we went through.”

Hordak understands, “I can see why you would have those questions, you are not the only one. Unfortunately Adora, I cannot fully divulge my reasons for going to Eternia. I am keeping those reasons to myself at this time, and when I feel it will be safe for the rest of the Horde to know, I will answer everyone’s questions. Do we have an understanding?”

Adora is uncertain but continues, “Of course Hordak, I will not press any further. I am also sorry to say this, but the Empress Frosta was unwilling to surrender to the Horde. She stands by her decision to run her kingdom without help from the Horde” Adora is unaware of the Horde's true plans for the Empress nor is she fully aware of what the Horde has really been doing to Etheria.

Hordak waves his hand in the air, “No matter Adora. I trust you did your best. However the icy Empress will need some motivation to change her mind. I am thinking of sending Catra, Mantenna, Grizzlor, and some troopers to Castle Chill to try and change Frosta’s mind.”

Adora worries, “Will force be involved?” Frosta may be unmoving in her ways, however Adora knows that force would not be the way to handle working with the icy territory.

Hordak laughs, “Ah no Adora. I am sending the group as a mere reminder to Frosta of how nice it would be to have such protection from the Horde. I’m sure she will rethink her position. Now, what are your thoughts on your old friend Bow as our little prisoner?”

Adora pauses, “He is a rebel. And as much as it hurts to know that he chose the Rebellion, we simply chose different paths. The Rebellion needs to be stopped at all costs.”

Hordak grins, he loves her unquestioning nature. She has no idea, his control over her entire life thrills him, “Very good Adora. I am so proud of such level headedness from you. You should take some time off, go to the stables. Enjoy the rest of your day, you have earned it.” Adora is full of surprise, “Ok Hordak, thank you. I will take you up on that offer.” Heading away from his chambers, Adora notices Catra walking in.

Catra arrives into Hordak’s chambers with an authority that is only in her own mind. Pausing Catra glares at Adora. The annoyance spreads across Catra's sharp features. Her loathing for Adora grows by the day. Catra growls, “Hordak, you are needed in the interrogation room. The Rebel Princess is not being very cooperative.”

Hordak stands, “Very well Catra. Adora and I are finished here.” Hordak leaves and before Catra follows him she gives Adora another look of disdain. Adora rolls her eyes and heads towards the stables. Adora refuses to give into Catra's pettiness. Walking away from the internal bowels of the Fright Zone and outside towards a large stable, Adora finds her noble steed Spirit. Adora has not been able to ride him for some time, he stayed behind when she went to Eternia. Smiling at the majestic horse, Adora rubs his head and jumps on as they ride off throughout the Fright Zone. Adora tries not to think about what is going to happen to the captured Rebels, particularly Bow. She races faster with tears forming and stinging her eyes…

Back inside the Fright Zone Glimmer is in an interrogation room with Catra, Mantenna, Leech and a very angry Hordak. Yelling and slamming his fists on a tray Hordak demands, “For the last time, where is the entrance to the Rebel hideout?!”

Glimmer spits out, “You already know this!” Hordak backhands Glimmer across her face, “No! That is not the answer. We already know the rebel hideout is in the Whispering Woods, but where in the Whispering Woods you stupid girl!”

Fuming with anger Glimmer snaps her head back towards Hordak, “Where is my mother!” Glimmer knows she has pushed the final button. The interrogation has gone on long enough. Hordak’s arm morphs into a blade and he holds the sharp metal against her neck. Glimmer is uncertain what will happen to her. Hordak is seething, “You don’t ask the questions Rebel. You just answer them. You will not find your mother, as far as you should be concerned your mother is as good as dead. Now if you have a problem telling me what I want to know, I am done with you,” Hordak looks over to the other members in the room, “Mantenna, Leech remove this Rebel trash. Tie her up and dip her in the pit. Bring me her bones when all is done.”

Mantenna and Leech grab hold of Glimmer and prepare to take her to the Pit. Mantenna and Leech are full of excitement over the Pit. The Pit is a complex multilevel contraption that serves many purposes for the Horde. One level of the Pit serves as a death trap whereby a poor soul is tied up and lowered into a vat of green acidic ooze. Some call the ooze slime. This slime substance is processed in various ways but is its deadliest in a concentrated form.

Mantenna cheers, “We haven’t gotten to lower someone into the Pit in ages! What a treat!” Mantenna claps his hands together, grinning at his colleagues. Catra crosses her arms dishing out her perfected eye roll.

Glimmer knows she only has one slim chance left and finally loosens her fingers. With fingers just loose enough Glimmer shoots a blast of sparkly light from her finger tips that momentarily blinds everyone in the room. Glimmer's ability to project varying bursts of light from her hands and fingers finally proves to her advantage. The Rebel Princess makes a run for the door and down the hall.

Catra screams, “After her! Don’t let her get away!” Glimmer is in a daze but still fast. She races down another hall and tries to remember the way she was brought in. She must fina an escape. Glimmer can hear the Horde members after her, but she breathes a sigh of relief as she rounds a corner. Standing before Glimmer is her mother, Queen Angella! In total shock Glimmer stops in her tracks, “Mother? Are you really there or am I dreaming?” Angella smiles and reaches out to Glimmer, “You are not dreaming, it is really me my dear daughter. We must hurry, we don’t have much time. Bow is waiting for us.”

Glimmer stops, “Wait, how did you escape?” Angella looks at Glimmer, “Very easy my dear. The rebels helped me to escape, they found me! And I was told that you were in danger, now we must hurry!”

With tears in her eyes Glimmer hugs her mother. Glimmer is full of relief to finally see her mother again! Looking at her mother and full of happiness Glimmer quickly begins to panic as Angella’s face starts to distort and flicker. Glimmer steps back, “Mother? Are you ok?”

Angella nods, only her face starts to disappear. Glimmer looks on in horror and screams as the image of her mother changes and fades away. While using magic to halter her appearance Shadow Weaver reveals her true form. Glimmer screams, and starts to feel her energy draining from her. She closes her eyes and tilts her head to the side. Leech is behind Glimmer, draining her energy with a simple touch. His powers come in handy at just the right time.

Shadow Weaver gleefully laughs, “Silly little Princess. Looks like I was your mommy dearest,” Shadow Weaver looks behind Glimmer, “Excellent Leech, drain her enough and make sure she doesn’t go anywhere else.”

Hordak finally catches up to the scene, “Good job Shadow Weaver. Leech and Mantenna, continue with the plans for Glimmer. Shadow Weaver, find Spira and tell her to bring me Bow. I have an idea on how to get him to talk so that we can finally get some answers.” Glimmer is dragged away as Shadow Weaver leaves to find Spira...

In the Pit Mantenna and Leech tie Glimmer up on the hook that lowers into the slimy acidic ooze. This level of the Pit has an interesting layout. In the center of the room is a circular opening with a pool of slime. Spiral stone steps wrap around the inside walls of the room leading up to a mesh balcony with the lowering device to the side. The balcony also has a mesh plank where Glimmer rests before the hook starts lowering her into the ooze.

Leech looks around and ask, “Mantenna, should we wake her up so she can see what is going to happen?” Mantenna laughs, “Oh once this thing gets moving she’ll wake up,” With eyes bulging at the horrors to come Mantenna continues, “Do you want to take a vote on who will ‘man’ the lowering device?”

Catra interrupts making her way to the balcony, “I vote me. Now step aside you two, we have to dispose of a Rebel.” Catra stands by the lowering device and turns it on. A few Horde Troopers walk up the steps to witness Glimmer’s demise…

In another area of the Fright Zone, Mermista and Perfuma sneak around the cargo bay area. They pass by numerous crates. This is the location where the Horde receives all of their shipments like food and other supplies that are essentially stolen from smaller towns throughout Etheria. Perfuma looks around, “Mermista, what do you think is in all these crates?” Mermista whispers, “I have no idea Perfuma. I don’t think it really matters; we need to be looking for a clearing with some guards. Double Trouble told us that would be our way in.”

The two rebels sneak around the crates and finally Perfuma spots something, “Look Mermista! A group of guards! What do we do now?” Mermista grins, “Well Perfuma, you do your thing. I think those guards need a nap.”

Perfuma smiles, “One Sleepy Time Scent coming right up.” Perfuma has a magical gift, her communication with nature allows her to "talk" flowers. Her "conversations" can cause the flowers to release scents and other reactions that provide various effects on people. Her ability to also grow flowers anywhere gives her various options at any time. Perfuma grabs some petals and waves them in the air. A sweet scent escapes and makes its way to the guards. In mere seconds the guards are fast asleep. The ladies make their way into the Fright Zone.

Walking into the dark hallways of the Fright Zone Perfuma groans, “Oh this place looks so depressing. I forgot how depressing everything looked here.” Flame torches line certain hallways while certain areas seem made up of a fusion of stone and metal. Perfuma traces her fingers across a wall causing some flowers to grow. Mermista nods, “Yeah well now is not the time to worry about decorating. We have to remember what Double Trouble said. It has been a very long time since we were in the Fright Zone, some things have changed.”

Perfuma nods and the two proceed with their plan and head towards the long chamber of slave cells. The slave cells are where Hordak keeps prisoners that eventually become servants of the Horde. Most anyone that finds themselves in the Fright Zone either becomes a Horde member or a slave. Perfuma and Mermista both try to stick to the shadows looking through some of cells at the sickly prisoners. Mermista speaks softly, “I really wish we could save everyone here.” Perfuma nods in agreement.

After a couple close calls with Horde Troopers, Mermista and Perfuma finally make it to where Bow’s cell is supposed to be; only Bow is not in the cell. “Oh flower seeds! Bow is not here Mermista!” Perfuma exclaims.

Mermista and Perfuma look around unaware what should be the next move. Until they hear a sound. “Psst! Psst! Over here!” A voice calls out and Mermista and Perfuma turn to see Double Trouble and Bow together. Perfuma jumps, “Wow Double Trouble, your Horde face is really mean looking!” Double Trouble is a genius at disguise, she can be anyone. When she is with the Rebels she uses her real face, however as a member of the Horde she makes her face look more severe. More intimidating. A smokey eye heavy on the lids. Strong eyebrows. Double Trouble hugs her friends. Mermista smiles, “Ok good way to scare us! We are so happy to see you two!”

Double Trouble whispers, “Yes, sorry about the change of plans. I was asked to retrieve Bow by Hordak. Things have radically changed. I now have to create a different diversion and you three need to save Glimmer. She is in the Pit and I hope you are not late.” Everyone remembers what the Pit is like, and Perfuma is the first to speak, “Oh I remember the Pit! That place is really gross.” Bow nods, “Yeah it is not a place I would want to hang out in. We have to hurry.” Double Trouble wishes her friends well and races off in another direction from the three rebels. The double agent races through a series of side paths to delay the process of returning to Hordak.

Mermista, Perfuma, and Bow race towards the Pit. The three rebels are quick with their approach to the Pit. Peeking into the doorway Bow surveys the room and shudders. Bow tells his companions, “Ok, Glimmer is close to the ooze. I spot Catra, Mantenna, and Leech, along with some Horde Troopers. I think we have this under control. Are you up Mermista?”

Mermista nods, “I think so.” Mermista charges in the room creating three spheres of water. Mermista has magical powers over water. She can create and control water from her finger tips. Her abilities also include jumping high distances, along with turning into a mermaid and communicating with sea creatures. Mermista launches the three spheres of water towards the Horde Troopers knocking them into the acidic ooze. This captures the attention of Glimmer and the other Horde members.

Glimmer shouts, “Am I glad to see you! Please hurry!” Looking down at her descent into the pool of acidic slime Glimmer panics. This can't be how her life ends...

Catra points at Mermista and screeches, “Mantenna! Leech! Stop that wench!”

Mantenna and Leech race down the spiral stairs. Mermista looks at them racing towards her; she grins and launches a flip clearing over Mantenna and Leech. Continuing on Mermista races towards Catra, taking a quick glance at Glimmer getting closer to a deadly dip.

Mantenna and Leech continue racing down the stairs setting their sights on Perfuma instead. Bow grins at Perfuma, “I think you’ve got admirers.” Perfuma sticks her tongue out, “Ewww. Gross. I’ve got something else in mind for them,” Perfuma produces two round flower packets, “I think this should do the trick. Confusion Flower Bombs!”

Perfuma tosses the flower bombs towards Mantenna and Leech. They explode over their heads releasing a scent that confuses the two Horde members. Disoriented, the imposing Horde members start to attack each other.

Reaching the top of the stairs Mermista is on the balcony face to face with Catra. Mermista’s hands are touching the seashell necklace around her neck. When used properly Mermista’s necklace is also a powerful weapon. Mermista speaks, “Catra, you should really wash that dirty mouth out.” With that Mermista squirts a powerful directed stream of water from her fingers through the seashell, spraying Catra hard in the face.

Catra throws her head back spitting out water and screams, “Oh I’m going to enjoy slicing your sea legs off for that. Let’s see how you swim then.” Catra growls and lunges towards Mermista with her cat claws extended on her finger tips. Mermista dodges the attack and swiftly kicks Catra into a wall. Raising her arms in the air Mermista creates a large sphere of water, and hurls it towards Catra, dousing the Horde vixen. Catra stumbles to her knees, very disoriented.

Looking at the commotion Glimmer shouts, "Way to go Mermista! Now just get me up!" With heart beating fast, Glimmer is just a few feet from losing the skin on her bones.

Mermista turns her attention to the Pit control device. Doing her best, Mermista tries to recall how it works. Bow calls out, “Hurry Mermista! Glimmer is getting closer to the bottom!” Frantic after pressing the wrong few buttons, Mermista finally taps the correct button to stop the device. Glimmer sighs, "Oh it stopped!" Looking into the ooze Glimmer feels her constraints lifting her back to the balcony and makeshift plank. Bow and Perfuma cheer as Glimmer lets out another sigh of relief.

Perfuma loses her smile as she looks up at Mermista and screams, “Mermista! Catra’s comin at ya!”

Mermista turns and ducks as Catra tries to slam her sword through Mermista's side. Instead the sword slices into the control device. Twisting around Catra cuts Mermista’s arm with her clawed gloves. In pain Mermista throws another water sphere at an already soaking wet Catra. Mermista calls out, “I could use some help!”

Bow draws out and shoots one of his spark arrows, aiming it for Catra’s back. He makes a clean shot and a sopped Catra is shocked by the sparks from the arrow. Mermista makes her way down the stairs and staps to the side of a confused Mantenna and Leech. Back on the bottom floor, Mermista asks how they can save Glimmer.

Perfuma looks at Glimmer and as an idea, “Glimmer, can you swing over towards us?” Glimmer looks at her friends, “I can try.” Wiggling her tied wrists around while gripping the hook she is connected to Glimmer feels the long chain move slightly.

Bow calls out, “Come on Glimmer! Swing some more, gain some momentum!” Mermista looks at Bow, “We need something to cut the chain, and if we do it just right, we can catch Glimmer when she falls.” Perfuma shakes her head, “This seems complicated. Glimmer might fall in the slime!” Mermista is determined, "We won't miss."

“I think it can work.” Bow says. The rebels continue to motivate Glimmer as she proceeds to swing closer towards them and then swings back over the pool. Mermista speaks, “Bow, do you have an arrow for this predicament?” Bow grins, “Oh I think so.” Bow's whole assortment of arrows were returned thanks to Double Trouble. Once Glimmer gets close enough, Bow shoots a sharp arrow to slice through the chain. He misses. Glimmer screams in terror.

Perfuma pipes up, “Come on Bow! One more try! I think the fearsome feline is coming around!” Catra is no longer stunned from the shock, but she is still full of rage. She looks down at the rebels, grabs her sword and heads down the stairs.

Bow is nervous, but Glimmer gives one more good swing away from the pool of slime and Bow’s arrow slices the chain. Glimmer screams as she is set free and falling. Mermista and Perfuma both grab hold of Glimmer before she falls in the ooze. Glimmer is out of breath, “Am I glad to see you all! Can we please get out of here?”

Catra is racing down the stairs and is stuck behind Mantenna and Leech. She yells at them and in confusion Mantenna punches Catra. Catra glares and grabs Mantenna and Leech, smashing their heads together. They shake off the confusion. Mantenna’s eyes are wide open upon the realization that he just hit Catra, “Oh Catra! I didn’t mean!” Catra snaps, “Not now you imbecile! After the rebels!”

Mermista, Glimmer, Perfuma, and Bow are already racing through the Fright Zone. Catra is not far behind. “Hurry, we are almost free!” Mermista exclaims.

The rebels round a corner and stop dead in their tracks. They are face to face with Adora and a whole set of Horde Troopers ready to capture the escaping rebels. Perfuma smiles, “Look, it is Adora!” Bow groans, “We see that Perfuma. Ladies this is not good.”

Adora looks at her old friends, “Bow, it is not good at all. There is no escape; you have nowhere else to go. Please, just turn yourselves in. Make this easy for yourselves.”

Bow looks at Adora in complete disbelief, “Is that really what you think Adora? You think we should turn ourselves in and be prisoners? Or worse, be killed? I don’t think you feel that way at all.”

Adora pauses, she doesn't want to see them killed. Catra approaches off to the side and catches this scene unfold. She is full of surprise that Adora is doing nothing.

Bow and Perfuma give each other a quick glance that speaks volumes. Perfuma tosses up a bouquet of brittle old flowers while Bow aims an arrow at the bouquet. It explodes causing a heavy smoky perfume scent to fog the area. Bow yells, “Run! Now is our chance!”

The rebels dodge Adora and the Horde Troopers. They are close to the exit. Catra screams and lowers the mask over her eyes. She jumps in the air quickly turning into a dangerous sleek panther and lunges after the rebels. She growls and runs faster. Glimmer looks back and is horrified. Luckily Spira runs out from a chamber and collides with the panther version of Catra. This halts Catra and allows the rebels to escape.

Returning to her human form, Catra looks at Spira, “You fool! Did you not see me? They have escaped!” Spira lies, “Catra I could not see you! I thought I had them! I can’t believe they got away!”

Walking up to the scene a little dazed, Adora sees her old friends round a corner. Just like that, they are gone. Ignoring Catra's attitude towards Spira, Adora finds herself caught off guard. She had just seen her friends. Adora had been in reaching distance. The head Force Captain realizes she much her old friends had grown and changed...

Upon hearing the sounds of Hordak shouting everyone soon scurries away before he arrives. Hordak is furious that the rebels found an escape. He demands answers, and sending out a loud call, demands that everyone involved in this recent debacle meet in his throne room immediately.

Off to the side away from Hordak's sight, Mantenna looks at Leech and whispers, “I don’t know about all that. I’m not going down the trap door for this.” Leech nods in agreement as the Horde Members gather out of the darkness and somberly head to Hordak's chambers.

Next time:
Catra’s claws come out…
Glimmer questions her role as leader…
Mermista leaves the Whispering Woods…

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