Friday, November 4, 2011

Bits and pieces...

Hello fellow dorkettes and dorks. How is everyone? I have been busy. As in I am pulling my hair out and throwing myself against the wall crazy. Not fun at all. Anyways so I have been working on the next chapter of the Jem fanfic, it should be ready soon. That silly Pizzazz is at it again!

So there have been some things on my mind lately. I was ready to come in words blazing about Paris Hilton dressed as She-Ra for Halloween. Needless to say I was stunned, but I slowly got over it when I realized that at least She-Ra was getting some exposure in the public eye. What I don't understand though is this: doesn't anyone do homework on their costumes anymore? I mean she tweeted that she was going as, "She-Ra, ya know He-Man's girlfriend." (She-Ra and He-Man are siblings) How weird would it have been for her to have a date dressed as He-Man? Even weirder if Paris would have been kissing her date! Could you just imagine the grodiness of seeing a costumed She-Ra and He-Man muggin down? My inner 5 year old is throwing up in her mouth right now.

Paris did not have some dollar store She-Ra costume either. Homegirl made an effort to really make a nice bedazzled She-Ra costume. Actually it was more Starburst She-Ra than regular She-Ra, but that is besides the point. I just wish that at some point Paris would have been like, "Let me wiki She-Ra to learn more about the costume/character I am wearing." I mean I do research for all my Halloween costumes. One year I went as a Vegas Gold-digger, and believe me, I researched Showgirls and all the episodes of the Real Housewives of (enter city here) to create the perfect outfit and costume character. I killed it!

See, with a little research Paris would have known that She-Ra and He-Man are related. Not only would she have shown some great dorkette street-cred, she also would have helped educate the masses who insist that She-Ra and He-Man are a couple and not related. Now what is so crazy about that? I can't even tell you all how many debates and arguments I have gotten in with people who insist that He-Man and She-Ra were lovers. I'm like, "Look, just because your toys engaged in incestous behavior, does not mean it holds true for the real characters." I don't even understand how it can be a debate! Watch an episode for crying out loud. For those that are poor the episodes are on Youtube, and like a dollar something on iTunes.

Anyways, let's move on to lip injectibles. I am getting old and I am becoming more and more comfortable with that process, except there are a few minor fears I have about the way I will look. For example I was thinking about injecting strange chemical compounds into my lips as a birthday present. I mean my lips aren't that bad, they look alright. The problem is that big lips are a really big deal.

I've tried the lip venoms and other stinging potions that have worked temporarily, but nothing truly lasts! Hence the use of needles! A quick needle injection and BAM! Bigger and fuller lips. Now I'm not talking about lip implants, even I know that is going too far. In fact the idea of implants freak me out. Why would I want something that could leak an element from the periodic table into my body? Complete freak out.

Of course all of that has changed. I saw a special on Entertainment Tonight about lip injectibles, and can I just say, that damn needle is not going near my lip. They showed how the lip injection stuff works, and that needle goes in pretty far. There is just a lot of needle in the lip. So of course now I am not so sure I want to do that. I might have to find a way to be content with my lips the way they are. Hopefully some scientist will invent some easier way for lips to be just the right amount of big without needles or implants. I'm just wishin' that's all.

I have one final piece of something wonderful. I was at my local toy aisle and I found the most shocking toy ever. I didn't even know this toy existed! It was a total shock. Now I know what you are all thinking, "Miss M! Tell us! Tell us what you found!" Not so fast folks! You will all have to wait, there will be a post dedicated to my rare find! I hope it will be worth it! Until next time!  

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