Thursday, November 10, 2011

I was dancing with myself...

Oh, Oh, Oh-oh. Oh Billy Idol, how cool are you? I actually wish I was friends with Billy Idol. Don't you? I mean it would just be a blast to hang out with Billy Idol. Having conversations about whatever kinds of things a person would converse about with Billy Idol. I personally think we'd have serious talks about Jem and the Holograms. Let's think about it, Billy Idol would totally have hooked up with Pizzazz and maybe even Jetta. Roxy always seemed like she'd be the one to mug down with Bret Michaels. And Stormer, well come on. We all know Stormer would end up being too delicate for a rocker. She always struck me as someone who'd settle down with a Kenny G type.

Anyways I am rambling on way too much about nonsense. My real purpose is to discuss angels. Not Charlie's Angels, may that reboot rest in peace. I am referring to Victoria's Secret Angels. So every year there is some new holiday commercial involving skinny heifers frolicking in some abandoned mansion or lonely fancy park. (You'd think they were posing for the next Fear Street novel or something.) Anyways this year I have fallen in love with the latest holiday commercial.

Click below to view the commercial on Youtube (spoiler alert- don't view this at work, I have no idea what all your jobs think of supermodel angels prancing around like reindeer on your computer screen. But cheers to anyone who is bored enough to be reading this site while at work!)

Victoria's Secret Holiday commercial 2011

Now I am sure some of you are wondering, "Ok Miss M, why are you discussing this mess?" Well here is the deal. I am trying to raise the numbers of heterosexual male readers and by extension cool lesbian readers to this site. I think those are the two demographics that aren't interested in reading about all my crap. Actually that is a load of bullpoo, I have no idea about the demographics of who reads my site. And for the record, if I wanted to pull in readers from any type of demographic I wouldn't pull some silly Victoria's Secret commercial stunt! How lame would that be? 

So why do I like this commercial so much? It is the song. I love the song. For those who also love the song and are wondering, it is called Midnight City by M83. Thank you to the poster on Youtube who knew. I love cool congs from commercials or trailers to movies. Most of what plays on the radio these days is kinda eww. So it helps me feel young and flirty to hear fun new music on commercials. Part of the thrill is also finding out who the song is by and then getting it on iTunes for like next to nothing.

I just love this song. I have no idea who M83 are, but I love their song. In fact when no one is around (and by no one I mean my husband) I totally turn that song up and stalk the bedroom floor like I am on a runway. Look, I know I am pretty, but I will never be a supermodel. First of all I don't think my body can ever be a size 0. I would seriously need to remove some organs, shave down some of my hip bones, and hand my ass over to someone else. That is all too much work.

But on the inside I am a supermodel. I practice my supermodel walk. I give good face. I really do. So it is a blast. I love that time a person has when they are totally alone and can just be completely goofy. It is the best. I highly urge all of you to find a good song and just let your inner whatever out. Shake your hips. Drop it like it's hot. Hell, fist pump if you have to. Life is way too short. Act like a total dork! 

Now if only they'd release some Jem and Misfit songs on iTunes. That would be the coolest thing ever. Well not as cool as the She-Ra theme song on iTunes, but I can't get my way with everything now can I?

Also be on the look out, I found something new and tasty at the grocery store and there will be a write up on it! Start your stomachs folks!

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