Saturday, November 12, 2011

Snow White and the Huntsman trailer, check it out!

Ok so I know I am supposed to be sharing with you all about the joys of a particular food item I am lusting over right now, but I promise I will get to that later. There are bigger things to discuss right now. Forget vampires or zombies, the next big thing is going to be fairy tales. I just know it! If not, I will humbly eat some pie from Huckleberry and Strawberry Shortcake.

Check out the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman, out this summer-

Snow White trailer

Amazing isn't it? I am freaking out about this movie. I mean for one, we have the answer to what Kristen Stewart is going to do with her career after the Twilight stuff is over. Homegirl needs to stick with fantasy inspired stuff. She looks badass in some armor wielding a sword. And casting Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman is just perfect! (Now if they could just cast Thor as He-Man in a new live action movie, all would be well with the world.)

My excitement though for this movie actually lies with Charlize Theron. A fairy tale is only as good as the villain in it, and Miss Dior J'adore is killing it as the Evil Queen. I have never been the biggest fan of the Snow White story, I always thought Snow White was a bit common (I grew up with a mom who liked Cinderella more.) Personally I have always loved The Little Mermaid. Growing up I wanted nothing more than to be able to live under water. What a perfect way to escape from all the land dwellers and their drama. I'd have a hard time finding something to eat though, but I'm sure King Triton could easily install a swim through McDonalds or something.

Anyways I have always loved the Evil Queen from Snow White. I have so much in common with the villainess. We both want to stay young and pretty forever. We both talk to mirrors. And we enjoy apples for all their wonderful uses. Of course if the Evil Queen had actually lived in the present day, she wouldn't have to go through such extremes to stay young. Sucking the youth from someone seems hard and unnecessary. She'd just need to find a good dermatologist with an aresenal of needles and chemicals. She'd be as good as new.

This movie just looks fantastic. Visually the scenes and costumes all look amazing. I love the mirror and the movement, not at all what I would have expected! I am also interested to know more about the story. I understand there is only so many ways to interpret a fairy tale that we all know, however this film looks like it will have its own unique spin to the Snow White mythology.

But wait there's more! As in another Snow White movie coming out in March! Two Snow White movies in the same year that both seem interesting? Yes please, sign me up! While we're at it let's see some other fairy tale stories get a nice updated look. I would love for a cool live action Little Mermaid film, though I have no clue how that would work. But it would have to have the original ending.

So enjoy the trailer again, because I have! Also here is the hint about the food I will be addressing soon: It is spreadable!   

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