Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving blues

Oh readers, what can I say? Thanksgiving was on Thursday and I believe I have practically been breathing in calories the entire week. What has the world been coming to? I just have to say I really dislike all the good food in this world being unhealthy. It just isn't right! If only there was some way that apple pie and butter could actually be healthy...

Anyways Thanksgiving is an interesting holiday. It is one surrounded by food and I have been blessed with a family that knows how to cook. I always laugh when someone asks me if I will be the one cooking for Thanksgiving. Hardly. People want to enjoy a good meal, not fear that they may be poisoned. I am only good at a few things in this world: Shopping as a serious sport. Applying red lipstick. And knowing a decent number of She-Ra factoids. That's all folks.

I had a nice Thanksgiving this year. I enjoyed spending time with my family, though I must admit I missed my brother terribly. He was unable to be in town for the holiday, but he was there in spirit. I am also glad to announce that my knees did not swell one bit like the great Thanksgiving of '05! I was very thankful for that.

Another thing i was thankful for was that none of us went shopping on Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday Eve. I am so glad I was not mauled at the mall. Thoughts go out to those who were pepper sprayed, trampled, and hit hard over a plasma. (Spoiler alert, plasma televisions are sooo three years ago!) This Black Friday business is a mess. Once upon a time it was just Black Friday. Now it seems like it is Black Friday Week. What's next, the whole month of November will be dedicated to wielding weapons at each other in Wal-Mart?

The day before Thanksgiving was an eye opener for me. I decided to stop by Best Buy to look for some gift ideas for the holiday season. I figured that my life would be safe because it was only Wednesday, surely the manic shopping masses would be at home plotting their quest for shopping domination in the comfort of their pajamas. Right? Well low and behold I saw a line of people already camped out in front of the electronics mega store. Call me a sheltered mess but I had never seen anything like this in person. True there are those crazy news reporters that will visit a local store and interview some early bird Black Friday shoppers/campers, but I never expected to see this all on a Wednesday.

People had nice dining tables and lawn chairs lined up against the wall outside. Some even had tents set up. How is this legal? I'm sorry but if the local homeless guy under the bridge started living outside the Best Buy in a tent he'd be arrested. I am so confused about how a group of people can literally live outside of a store on cold concrete for three days. How do they shower or use the restroom? What do they do for food? How do they sleep outside all night next to a store? What about the parents I saw with their children? Is it normal to have your rugrats living outside of a store for three days? It boggles my mind. (And this is coming from someone who lives for shopping.)

Moving along. Aside from my family there is one other thing I love about Thanksgiving. My stories. Soaps have always held a long tradition of having great episodes dedicated to the joining of family and drama and capturing all of that in a nice hour. This year the tv schedule was a little lighter with All My Children off the air, but thank goodness I still have One Life to Live. This year's Thanksgiving episode was truly a magnificent show. I will never understand why more people aren't hooked on this soap, it is the best. Anyways I watched it with a heavy heart, more so because on Thanksgiving I also found out the shocking news that All My Children and One Life to Live would not be continuing online as previously discussed by Prospect Park.

That's right soap fans, Prospect Park, the company involved with bringing the soaps to a new online channel have ceased all talks and negotiations to continue these shows. Looks like this was the last Thanksgiving ever in Llanview. My heart is just broken. I keep waiting for Prospect Park to say, "Psych! We're just messin with ya soap fans! AMC and OLTL will be sticking around for a lot longer!" I mean these shows have been on for over 40 years each, there is clearly more story to tell!

What makes this story even worse is that AMC had to rewrite the original ending. Prospect Park asked for a new ending, so the AMC writers scrambled to write a huge cliffhanger series finale so that fans would want to continue watching the show online. Now with this latest development I am wishing they had stuck with the original ending. Now fans will never know who was shot. They'll never know the other person that David was still keeping alive. And we will never find out the fate of Erica and Jackson. All of this feels like the sting of an Erica Kane special. Right across the face, not once, but twice. And on both cheeks to boot.

I am really sad about this. I know it sounds silly, but if you have been reading this silly site of mine than you know how important my soaps are. Nothing is better than a good soap opera. Nothing. Not even Once Upon a Time.

On a good note, I am not going anywhere! For better or worse, this crazt dorkette is going to continue posting ramblings and other inner workings of the dork world. I've got some good stuff coming up. There is the long awaited continuation of the Jem Reunion. I need to tell you all about my Fear Street real life story. And I got a little something special in the mail the other day, so get ready for a nice little entry on the one and only, She-Ra! It's about to get even dorkier!

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