Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Toy Chest Tuesday! Fright Features Janine Melnitz!

Hello toy fans! Toy Chest Tuesday is taking it far back. Really back. As in something I actually owned as a child and not some new-old toy I bought mint off of Ebay. We are looking at the Fright Features Janine Melnitz from Kenner's Real Ghostbusters toyline. Who you gonna call? Don't call me, I'm busy typin' a new Toy Chest!

So here is the story about Janine. To my knowledge this was the first Janine ever made. There were many Janine variants that followed after this one, and I believe I own them all. I remember practically dying when I saw this Janine on the toy shelves. She wears a pink jump suit! I love pink! I even owned two of these Fright Feature Janine figures I was that obsessed!

Let's take a closer look!

Here is Janine, in all her pink jumpsuit glory! I personally feel that I would look fantastic in a hot pink jump suit. I'd even take out my contacts and rock the heck out of some neon green glasses. Janine is just too much fun!

Here is a better look at Janine. If you look close enough something looks odd about her face. And I'm not referring to those green glasses. (For those in the know, we're getting there!)

See there is a reason why this Janine was part of the Fright Features collection! Whenever she sees something frightful, this is what happens!

Notice her eyes bulging and mouth open in shock! Even her hair pops up like an explosive bump-it! The trick rests in raising her arms up in the air, though my Janine is a bit old and busted. Only one arm actually stays up.

Here is a better shot of the fright feature in action. Real Ghostbuster toys were so much fun. They had spooky action features that made the toys stick out from the other toy lineups at the time. I never really had a lot of the male characters, just an Egon so Janine could have a boyfriend. And a Peter, because I always had a crush on Peter Venkman. The cartoon Peter Venkman, not the Bill Murray Peter Venkman.

Also this fun Janine Melnitz came with a purple ghost with a strip of hot pink hair. I loved the ghost almost as much as the hot pink jumpsuit. I have the ghost contained because she has gotten really sticky with age. (I really hope this isn't a sign of things to come for me.) Of course Janine came with a weapon that had a wavy comb-like design made to lift the ghost up by the strip of hair. For the life of me I can't recall the name of this piece. Hence why it didn't make an appearance in this Toy Chest. Either way, Janine is such a fun toy!

Alright toy lovers, I am off. I have been catching up on my television shows and I just have to say, Once Upon a Time is such a great show! I'm hooked to this show like a sweet tooth to bubble gum ice cream! Pam from True Blood plays Malificent! How cool is that? And the Evil Queen is just delicious, pure evil. I am also loving the fairy tale romance of Snow White and the amnesiac Prince Charming. (Granted I should be using the actor's real names, but just Imdb them if you have to know.) Go and record this show now! It is fantastic.

Slimer agrees!

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