Monday, November 28, 2011

Stories of Ebay 2: Crazy White Girl Moments

Hello everyone. Let's talk Ebay shall we? It is no secret at all that I absolutely love Ebay. It is like one huge estate/garage sale except you don't have to actually walk through someone's smelly hoarded house. I love it. One month can find a coveted item for sale at astronomical prices and a mere couple months later that same item can be sold for pennies. There is nothing better.

Now for those you have been reading, I also have taken a whirl at selling some of my crap. I am proud of my business savvy skills and have even included certain vignettes on particular items. I like to think of it as taking the whole shopping experience to a more personal level. This concept is not new, and I have to say, I really like it when other buyers mention a nice little story too.

However sometimes personal stories can just go awry. Take for instance something I read earlier. While perusing for gift ides (and maybe a little something for myself) I came across a fabulous item. However after reading the description I found out that the seller was selling her aunt's toy and doll collection. Apparantly the seller's aunt has been an avid toy and doll collector for 50+ years and unfortunately was placed into assisted living. The aunt could not bring her collection with her and everything she has collected is now up for auction.

Can I just say my heart started beating so fast. I broke into a sweat and swear I felt hives form on my wrists and thighs. What a sad and terrifying story! I have been freaking out. That poor aunt! She had to say good bye to everything. I already have issues with aging, but after this Ebay story, well my goodness! I don't know how I will ever be able to part with She-Ra when I have no other choice but to move into some assisted living place! How dare the fates do that to me! Don't they know who I am?

This can't be a sign of things to come. I can just see it now, I'll be some old loony woman getting wheeled out of my mansion by ungrateful children into some nursing home where I'll have to fend off ancient horny toad men. All the while weeping about what will happen to She-Ra and Mermista. Goodness it just sounds so dreadful. I sometimes wish I wasn't genetically predisposed to collecting things. It really is a stressful life issue to have.

Ya know, the ancient Egyptians were really on to something. The whole being buried in a pyramid with all your worldly possessions isn't such a bad deal. I would love to have my own pyramid where my afterlife spirit could stop by every now and then to simply admire all of my addictive collecting habits on display. It would be so cool.

Who am I kidding? There are worse things in life and I really should not be having some crazy white girl moment. I just felt so sad for the aunt. You spend your whole life dedicated to something and at the very end none of it matters. Your last years are spent eating soft foods and being seen as someone who can't do anything on your own. It is depressing. At that stage in life you should be surrounded by your loved items. Of course when I am cautiously approaching 90 I might be ready to be rid of all my crap anyway. Though I highly doubt it. Genetically predisposed collecting habits are with you for life!


  1. I know this is an older post, Miss M, but if this is the lady that had a bunch of nice Indiana Jones stuff, and some CHiPs stuff, and maybe some either Dukes of Hazzard or Flash Gordon (I can't remember, it's been awhile), I bought a MOC Indy Arabian Horse from her! For like $200 bucks! If it is her, I KNEW we were fated to meet! The story broke my heart too! I felt so bad for her. I wished I could have bought it all from her so that I could have kept it for her. Bless her heart. She had some damn nice stuff! Hope you're good!

    1. Hey you! Well I do seem to recall she had more than just dolls for sale. However for the life of me I cannot remember everything she had. The CHiPs stuff is ringing a bell! Maybe it was her! Oh my goodness that stuff is so sad. And I just love that you read my older posts! I enjoy reading a comment on something that I had forgotten I wrote about. I hope you are doing well. I'm doing alright! It is always nice to hear from you!